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CELEBRITY: Jake Gyllenhaal

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How was Morocco?
Jake: You start off as a foreigner going into Northern Africa with scepticism that you're going to be met with this weird attitude or anger or that you should worry about [your security]. Ultimately everybody in Morocco and particularly in Marrakesh where we were, were the kindest, sweetest, most lovely people and the atmosphere around that city is extraordinary. My paranoia, or whatever it was, was obliterated by their loveliness. Artistically and musically and the colours all around and the people and the food —it's an incredible place.

Is that the most exotic place you've been to?
Jake: Depends on what you call exotic.

What about remote? What is the most remote place you've ever been to?
Jake: I've been to this tiny little house in Mexico like right on the headland. They let me take this crazy prop plane that landed between two mountains last Christmas. That's probably the most remote place I've been.

And you went there for…?
Jake: A vacation with my family. When I was younger we'd all go to pretty interesting places, I guess not necessarily remote but wherever there was good food. There wasn't really good food in Mexico, but there was good fish.

What's your number-one travel tip?
Jake: I always feel like water and exercise, like exercising as soon as you get to the place where there's jetlag that's essential. But water makes you keep your sanity.

Is there anything you would never leave home without?
Jake: Ear planes, and Doctor Bach — what's it called? Stress spray or whatever it's called. It's a homeopathic stress remedy thing for flying.

Jake: No it’s like, comes in drops or whatever. It's called Rescue Remedy, yeah Rescue Remedy.


User comments
Im studying Homeopathy omg, and jake uses RESCUE REMEDY!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a gyllenhalick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldnt mind being stuck in a remote location with Jake Gyllenhaal and myself being the only 2 people there. I could be his rescue remedy and he could be mine 8-)
Mexico has heaps nice food! whats he talkin about!!! Its true, exercise heaps while on a plane. luve ya jake xx


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