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Check out Catriona's hubby to be

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last year Catriona Rowntree said in an interview, "My job is possibly the worst ingredient you can have for a productive personal life, but right now, my personal life is fantastic. You've got to find someone who is patient and understanding. I appreciate every day and I love every element of being out on the road. A lot of time is spent on your own. It can get very lonely at times. And I don't always travel with people I know".

Clearly Catriona's personal life has been fantastic as she has recently engaged to the spunky Victorian farmer and is just glowing.

We are really happy for her and know that she will enjoy married life just as much as she loves Getaway. Congrats from all of us Catriona!

Leave your own personal message for Catriona below.

User comments
When is the wedding to happen?
Hi Catriona, You are beautiful and your farmer is just as handsome. You guys look great together. Congratulations and have a wonderful life. When is the wedding though??
Congrats Catriona! I hope you enjoy your life on the farm! all the best for the future to both of you...
Hi Catriona, Im 11 and I love watching you on Getaway, i just want to say congratulations and to tell you that you should do a show in Vietnam, Ho chi minh City because my dad got a job here and i moved here from australia (I'm australian) and i love it here! again, Congratulations!
congrats to you. its been great to watch you over the years and hope you both get to go to paris together for a honey moon perhaps (haha) good luck sharon
Love Getaway, love you, want the best for your life. Congrats Catriona. PS I've got one of those phones that thinks for itself, but hasn't rung me a georgeous man yet!! Karen L
Congrats Catriona!!! Everyone deserves love! especially a kind and warm lady like you. Best Of Luck!
Hey Catriona, congratulations on finding a man. A few months ago you were in Port playing ping pong with my sister. Are you going to televise this piece? Peace. Sean.
Hi Catriona, and best wishes to both of you for your Engagement - that is great news! I always enjoy your presentations on Getaway and hope that you continue with this fantstic work for some time yet. Have a wonderful Wedding, and we all look forward to seeing the pics. from Cathy
Dear Catriona, Congratulations on your engagement and also for your success on Getaway and other programs. I regularly watch Getaway and still remember you on Wonder World!! I too married a farmer and we were married at the Geelong Grammar Chapel (my old school). I am now 44 but was about your age when we married, and funnily enough I don't look unlike you and my husband is tall dark and handsome like your James! I had my beautiful little girl at 40, so she is now 4. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had bilateral mastectomies and breast reconstruction. I am a nurse and have realised the imporatnace of vigilant surveillance and my early stage cancer was picked up on mammography. So luckily it was caught early. My husband does contract harvesting so the last few years have been a bit of a struggle however this year we have quite a bit of work on. I hope things in the Western District are going well!I wish you all the best for the future. Regards Jill Kiley.


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