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Rock star for a day

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Like Andy Warhol once said, "In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes." It seems like everyone wants to be famous these days. Maybe it's because of all those talent shows we watch on television, we're all suffering fromIdol overload. Have you already auditioned for Australia's Next Top Model, but weren't tall, thin or ''fierce'' enough? Too shy to give Big Brother a go? Not sure what to try next to secure your 15 minutes of fame?

Do you think you've got a stunning solo voice and could knock Delta Goodrem or Missy Higgins off the charts? Beat Records runs Rock Star for a Day which offers you the opportunity to record your own CD. If you don't think you'd cut it as a solo singer, get together a band of up to eight members and try your luck at becoming the next Powderfinger or Silverchair. Rock Star for a Day gives you the opportunity to fulfil your dream of making your own record and could be your first step towards having a career as a rock star!

Musician Ben Pattison once dreamed of having his own record label and that dream became a reality when Beat Records was born. It has been a full-time business for around three-and-a-half years. Rock Star for a Day came about as a way of building momentum — and income — for the budding label. Ben achieved his dream and now he wants to help you realise yours.

When you rock up at Beat Records your journey to becoming a rock star begins with a tour of the professional recording studio where many Aussie bands have recorded their albums. The studio is decked out with high-tech equipment. Afraid your voice won't quite cut it? The studio is acoustically designed to make your singing voice sound as good as you do when singing in the shower or car and the skilled Beat Records sound engineer will use his state-of-the-art sound desk to make your voice sound as smooth as Barry White's.

When the time comes to record your songs, you may be a little nervous and think you'll forget the words, but you never fear, because Beat Records have thought of everything — you'll be able to read the song words from a screen, just like when you're singing karaoke. Haven't brought along your own backing vocalists? Beat Records will help you out with a selection of 20,000 backing tracks.

As every aspiring musician knows, it's not just about the music, you've got to have the right look to complement your sound. If you'd like to produce a professional-looking CD cover, Beat Records will organise a make-over and photography session. You can get the full make-over treatment — hair, clothes and make-up to make sure you look your best. The make-over is followed by a photography session and then the Beat Records team will work with you to create your idea of the perfect CD cover.

Rock Star for a Day is the perfect opportunity for aspiring musicians, or just a great day out for a group of friends. Beat Records can also come to your party with a portable recording studio and produce a CD for each of your party guests, now that's an original party favour!

Beat Records are an Adelaide based recording studio, that offer a range of services to bands from, recording, graphic design and CD replication to events and marketing.

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Beat Records
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Rock Star for a Day
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