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Dermot Mulroney talks travel

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Let's start by asking, what's your favourite place to holiday?
Dermot: Well, I usually find myself going to national parks in the US. To me there's almost no more beautiful places. There's Yosemite, Joshua Tree National Park I was in recently, the desert. They're a little easier to get to. Well, some aren't, but half the fun is getting there.

So you're into road trips?
Dermot: Yeah, I like long drives. I live in the west in the US so there's massive distances between things, so you have to, if you're ... going to go any place other than a city, yeah, you better like driving.

What's your number one travel tip?
Dermot: Hmm, I dunno. I've always ... I used to plan out where you're going to stay and all that, so this is no tip but it's easy, you just drive until you're tired and then you pull over and stay at one of the motels just about everywhere. Take a credit card, it's done. You don't have to make reservations. So what I'm saying is, my tip is make no plans at all. Just let it happen.

I was going to ask, what do you never leave home without, but you just said credit cards, so that's ...
Dermot: Right. And a car club. You know, an automobile club card, of course.

Ah, very good ...
Dermot: For the inevitable breakdown.

What would be your ultimate travel experience ... if you could choose anything?
Dermot: I don't know ... I'd like to go up the Amazon and I'd like to circumnavigate Madagascar. Those are just two that I've thought of.

Wow, they're pretty big ones.
Dermot: But normally I just, I like to ski and rock climb and hike and camp and, you know, travel around doing that sort of thing.

What are three things you wouldn't be able to live without if you were stranded on a desert island?
Dermot: Does food count? ... Oh, it has to be more specific? Pizza, my guitar and a comfortable pillow.

And three people?
Dermot: Well, I have a family of three, that's including me, so that's two down. And can I bring my dog?

Well, since the movie's called Must Love Dogs ...
Dermot: Why don't I bring along Violet with me…

Let's talk about your character in the movie. He's a mysterious guy. Can you describe him a little bit?
Dermot: Well yeah, I think you learn more about him as time goes on. You don't see it as a great mystery or a reveal at the end of the movie. He sort of turns out to be what you were hoping he wasn't, let's say. But in my opinion he's a nice guy. He's upfront, he's honest, he takes her out on a nice date, takes her to the hotel room, everything seems to be working fine. But he has priorities that are different from hers, that's really the only difference.

What did you think about the whole Internet dating side of this movie?
Dermot: Oh, I found it pretty interesting. It's funny the way it plays out in the movie, so I got a kick out of it.

You're married, but do you have friends who've got experiences? Have you heard what it's like to be single these days? What do you think about it?
Dermot: Well, my single friends are starting to drop into relationships finally ... but not off of the computer, so I think they're still doing it the old-fashioned way.

And you obviously love dogs.
Dermot: I do, yeah.

What have you got?
Dermot: She's a boxer/pit-bull mix, kind of, but really sweet, kind of shy in fact. Not an aggressive dog or anything, or violent. She's really sweet.

So what was the best thing about making this movie for you?
Dermot: The set ... how much fun everyone had. Kerry just really made sure it was a great comfortable set and working with Diane in particular. But John, I got one little scene in with. It was a great group of people was the best part, I think.


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