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Getaway's 15th birthday special

Thursday, June 7, 2007

This week Getawaycelebrates its 15th year as Australia's favourite travel show.

Since May 1992 Getaway has been bringing Australia and the world to millions of viewers in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

The show has covered everything from family-run B&Bs in country Australia to trekking in Nepal, horse riding in Mongolia, camping in Kakadu, ballooning over France, swimming with the amazing whale sharks of Ningaloo Reef, riding the Orient Express; walking with the Maasai and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

To celebrate this milestone, a special 15th birthday edition of Getaway has been put together featuring the 17 past and present reporters who have brought the stories and destinations to life. These include Catriona Rowntree, Jules Lund, Tina Dalton, Natalie Gruzlewski and Brendan Julian.

It's a wonderful world

Jules Lund: "Now if you're lucky enough to work on a show like Getaway, it doesn't take you long to figure out how amazing our little planet is and two people who have seen and done more exotic stuff than anyone … Tina Dalton and Sorrel Wilby.

"Now Tina tell me what stands out in your mind as one of the best things of your time on the show."

Tina Dalton: "Well we have been lucky enough over the years to have some big-name celebrities drop in as guests on the show. In fact, I have worked with a few... Toured through England with Hi-5, caught up with Harry Kewell just before the World Cup … but I have to say the biggest thrill was working with Ron Moss, aka Ridge Forrester, from The Bold and the Beautiful. We cruised around Bondi together ...

Double headers

Catriona: "It doesn't happen very often but an opportunity that all of us reporters all put our hands up for and grab is the chance to travel together and do stories together. And one of my favourites was of course going away with the beautiful BJ (Brendon Julian). We went to Canada …"

The early years

Catriona: "But first let's start at the very beginning. 7.30pm, May 14, 1992, the first night that Getaway ever went to air, featuring the reporters, Jeff Watson, Anna McMahon, David Reyne, Rebecca Harris and Tina Dalton."


Jules: "Now if you haven't half guessed, working on a show like Getawayis a hell of a lot of fun. Good times. And I can personally guarantee that each and every reporter over the past 15 years has had the time of their lives putting this show together and making Getaway what it is today."

When good stories go bad

Natalie: "Well it takes a lot of planning and hard work to put Getaway to air each week and no matter how prepared or organised we are, sometimes good stories turn bad. And most of the time it's the reporters that cop it all. They take the fall!"


Dermott: "I think everybody would agree, one of the most amazing things about working on Getaway are some of the people you get to meet. Now I've already met some really way-out there characters, but my favorite by far was this bloke I met who had to smash 37 watermelons open with his head to win the world record!"

Moving moments

Catriona: "Now as with all travel, one of the great things about working on Getaway is having the chance to meet people and experience things that will stay with you for a lifetime. For me I will never forget being the first travel show to go back to Dubrovnik after the war and also [in] 2002 returning to Bali after the bombings."


Jason Dundas: "It seems to be some kind of rule on Getaway that when you're a guy and you first join the show all they want to do is throw you off things. Out of a plane, off a building, off a cliff. Believe me, I've only been on the show for five minutes and they've thrown me in the deep end a couple of times. The thing is, though, the producers have been doing it to us for 15 years!"


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