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First Aussie hotel with a women's-only floor

11:00 AEST Thu Feb 10 2011
Catriona Rowntree went to Brisbane to announce an Australian first. Portal Hotel in Brisbane's CBD has dedicated an entire floor to female guests. To put it to the test she took along six women, each with a friend, courtesy of a promotion on Brisbane radio station B105.

Georgie Woods owns the four-star European-style boutique hotel and her research showed that around 40 percent of Australia's business travellers are women, and 60 percent of those had safety at the top of their list when choosing accommodation.

During the $250,000 renovation, all 84 rooms were refurbished and the hotel now has delightful bespoke furniture and antique pieces. During the big facelift, Georgie decided that the fifth floor would be for her female guests, and it was given a definite feminine touch.

The floor can be accessed only with a special lift key before the fun begins.

Rooms and bathrooms have fresh flowers and MOR organic bathroom products which are an absolute treat. You can pop into a soft, waffle cotton robe and slippers, indulge in a face pack and catch up on the latest fashion magazines or watch one of more than 70 complimentary films on Foxtel.

Guests love the bowl of fresh fruit and scented candle that is lit when your queen "O" bed is turned down.

In place of a standard minibar, there is a Portal Pamper Bar with a range of Yuva organic products and Yealands Way Carbon Zero wines. They are made by award-winning winemaker Tamra Washington.

Bathrooms have super powerful hairdryers and hair straighteners. They've even included yoga mats. There is also free wireless internet and an iPod docking station.

If you really want to leave your room, O Bar & Restaurant on the ground floor has an ever-changing menu, and a few mean cocktails to choose from.

Catriona and her 12 new friends gave Portal the thumbs up, and they are all looking forward to another escape there.


Brisbane's CBD.


Portal Hotel Girls' Weekend Packages start at $219 a night twin-share. They include breakfast in O Bar & Restaurant, bottle of sparkling wine, parking, MOR bathroom package each and the latest magazines. Shoppers' Dream Packages start at $189 with Indulgence Packages at $245. Room only is $179 a night.

Virgin Blue has one-way flights to Brisbane from:

  • Sydney $95
  • Melbourne $129
  • Canberra $141
  • Adelaide $145
  • Hobart $179
  • Darwin $198
  • Perth $279

There are limited seats, which may not be available at peak times or on all flights. Fares quoted are one-way booked on the internet. An extra $15 will be charged for phone bookings. A credit card surcharge of an additional $2 per person per one-way flight is applicable. Fares are correct at January 27, 2011, and are subject to change.

Prices correct at February 10, 2011.

For further information

Virgin Blue
Ph: 136 789

Portal Hotel Brisbane
52 Astor Terrace
Spring Hill, Queensland 4000
Ph: (07) 3009 3400 or 1300 076 7825

User comments
what rubbish this is. so we have women gyms and now women floors. if a mans club opens or a sexist add occurs, women go bleating to the anti discrimination board. come on ladies you want equality then stop demanding special treatment when it suits YOU. there should me male only floors to suit. mens clubs. Or better still no segregation at all. Men arent all sexual predators. I would trust a man over a fellow woman any day. Get over it.
hi would like some ideas to rekindle the love after being married 20 years would like some ideas of something to do thank you kim powell
-Shana, Perth + remember those times when your partner is wanting to get away & you want her to be completly safe+ My partner should be safe in any hotel! Men are not base creatures of pure violence waiting to prey on women who are in turn obviously pure and innocent. Perpetuating this divide does nothing but harm us all as people! + hopefully come home wanting you + her and the bed!+ Sex should never be something that you have to bribe your partner to want. If this is what it takes to get some, your relationship is doomed anyway. + (this means less chance that she will cheat)+ This is a complete falsehood. It might mean she can’t use this particular floor to cheat but if she’s going to, she will. Again, if this is what it takes to secure your trust then your relationship is doomed anyway. + Yes, this may be sexist, but..+ There should be nothing more said after this. It makes no difference who it favors or why. If you are against “Men’s clubs”, then you should be against this!
If men or any one advertised a MEN only anything they would be ridiculed by some feminist group some where and it would be plastered on the front page of every paper in the country. Yet women want equality? When it suits them!! This is a joke! I personally do not have a problem with any woman wanting to achieve equality and believe it should be so if they are capable but this?
Yes, this may be sexist, but remember those times when your partner is wanting to get away & you want her to be completly safe & know that she is going to come home stress free & hopefully loving the idea that it was a great get away for just other females (this means less chance that she will cheat) and hopefully come home wanting you + her and the bed! because she will be stress-free & still in an adventurous mood! Silly men...
Discriminating on the basis of gender is illegal regardless of if it is against or in favor of women! Either we are all equal or we are not! If there is not an equivalent service provided for men, then this really doesn’t do women any favors in the long run. I feel a complaint to the relevant governing authority coming on.
Once again I see another example of how men are the bottom of the equality lader in this female run societey. If I tried to open a hotell with a mens only floor id have those man hating bra burning bleeding heart lefties banging at the door wanting my head.
I am a 30-something woman and I find this women's-only hotel floor absolutely revolting. I wouldn't be surprised if their is a backlash due to having sexist accommodation such as this. Segregation did not work in USA (e.g. public transport & bathrooms) and it will not work here for this. What happens if there is a shortage of hotels and beds available? Will those potential male guests be turned away due to this? Men should get their own floor too if this is the case.
Good to see we are taking a step backwards again. It's Brisbane, not some backalley dungeon...
Now now Pete..... don't be jealous!!

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