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Jason Dundas uncovered

Monday, September 1, 2008

It's been an exciting year of highs for Getaway presenter, Jason Dundas, taking on the tag as Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2008, as well as travelling the world for Getaway.

From taking on the dangerous Komodo dragons to spending a million-dollar weekend at the Hilton, take a look at Jason's biggest thrills and spills below.


Check out Jason as he takes on the FlowRider, the only place in Australia where there is guaranteed surf, year round!

Nha Trang

If you thought Vietnam didn't cater for beaches and surf, then think again. Jason explores the beachy-keen side of Vietnam in Nha Trang.

Million-dollar weekend

Think a million dollars would be easy to spend? Think again as Jason attempts to seduce you with his gentlemanly, yet expensive, ways at the Hilton hotel!


Sit back and relax as Jason takes you on an insider's tour of Bali. Make sure to take notes as everything you need to know is available right here!

Cairo to Abu Simbel

Jason explores the bustling city of Cairo and majestic Egyptian monuments. Watch as he gets comfy in on a Faluka as it heads along the river Nile.

Komodo Island

Watch Jason as he attempts to stay calm while taking on one of the most dangerous reptiles in the world on Komodo Island.

Macquarie Waters

For a family outing with a difference, check out the Dive-in Theatre at Port Stephens Macquarie Waters.

User comments
Wow you guys are living my dream.. How do you get a dream job like that? Is it just you and the camera man traveling around, or is it other team members as well on your trips? Cheers Mailen

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