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Haggis heaven in Scotland

11:30 AEST Thu Aug 5 2010
Unless you're a true-blue Scot, you might think Natalie drew the short straw for this story in Getaway's Food Special episode. Well, she did get to go to Burgundy and her next story was across the Channel to Scotland to try its national dish — haggis!

Just reading about her challenge sent chills up Natalie's spine. Here's what she was about to savour. Heart, liver, lungs, tripe, onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and salt, cooked and served in a synthetic skin. In times gone by the ingredients were popped into a sheep's stomach, stitched up and boiled.

It's found in most traditional pubs around Scotland and Natalie's baptism of haggis was at One Up restaurant at the Mishnish Hotel on the Isle of Mull. Its picture postcard view over Tobermory Bay eased her anxiety.

That the Scots have been enjoying haggis since the 1400s didn't ease her qualms. She roped in a local to accompany her. Kenny has tucked into a few haggii in his time and showed Natalie the traditional way to enjoy it. It must be accompanied by 'neeps and tatties' — boiled yellow turnips and potatoes, mashed separately. It should be addressed and stabbed with a knife known as ski and doo. It's chased down with a dram of Scottish whiskey.

Tomato sauce was out of the question and Natalie did give it a good go. She had two tastes and even though she didn't exactly love it, everyone in the pub gave her a cheer for trying it.

While haggis is popular year-round, it makes special appearances at Hogmanay, new year in Scotland, and the annual celebration of Robbie Burns' birthday in January.


Scotland's Isle of Mull.

For further information

Mishnish Hotel
Main Street
Isle of Mull
United Kingdom
Ph: 01688 302 009

Visas: Visas are not required for Australians entering the UK for tourism for stays of under six months. If you wish to work, you must obtain the appropriate two-year visa in advance.

Electricity: 220 volts with a three-point plug.

Time: The UK is on Greenwich Mean Time between October and March. Between March and October it is on British Summer Time.

Currency: The British Pound Sterling.

Telephone code: +44.

User comments
I love Australia but when I go back to my native Scotland one of my first stops is to a wee restaurant called Dubb Prais doon the High Street for a plate of Haggis (with whisky sauce), tatties and neeps. Oh how I miss that dish. Novices to the dish should not be told what it is made of until after they eat it and they can then pass judgement (and hopefully nothing else!!)
The knife used by the Scots is not called a ski and doo, but a skean dhu. One would think research would be carried out before printing.

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