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Haggis adventure in the UK

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Jason joined up with Haggis Adventures, a long-running adventure travel network for independent travellers, particularly those on a budget! He took a three-day trip through the north of Scotland to the magical Isle of Skye where spectacular scenery is guaranteed.

You travel in yellow Mercedes-Benz midi coaches, custom-built for touring. They have large windows, great sound systems and are built for comfort.

There are mountains moulded by ancient volcanoes, and valleys carved out by glaciers over centuries. Local myth and legend is alive and well, adding lots of mystery.

Eilean Donan Castle

It's easy to see why this is the most photographed castle in Scotland. Eileen Doonan is on an island where three great sea lochs meet. Although first inhabited around the sixth century, the first fortified castle was built in the mid-13th century. Four versions of the castle have been built and re-built as the feudal history of Scotland unfolded.

Sligachan River

Lots of magic surrounds this beautiful river. It's said a poor heroine was brutally disfigured by a rival clan and saved by a faerie queen who immersed her in the river where she emerged whole and beautiful. That's why it is known as the Fountain of Youth. Beware: if you want to put it to the test, the water is always freezing! You may want to just dunk your face.


Haggis Adventures run out of Edinburgh.


Haggis Adventures' three-day Skye High Tour from Edinburgh is around $239 per person. Transport and local guide are included.

Prices correct at February 26, 2009.

For further information

Haggis Adventures
60 High Street
Edinburgh EH1 1TB
Ph: +44 131 557 9393
Ph: 1300 780 497

Ph: 1300 303 777

For more information on the UK

Visit Britain
Ph: 1300 858 589

Visas: Visas are not required for Australians entering the UK for tourism for stays of less than six months. If you wish to work, you must obtain the appropriate two-year visa in advance.

Electricity: Electricity in the UK runs on a three-point plug at 220V.

Time: The UK is on Greenwich Mean Time between October and March. Between March and October it is on British Summer Time.

Currency: The British pound sterling.

International dialling code: +44.

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