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Celeb Getaway: Sandra Bullock

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So let's start with your favourite vacation spot and why?

Oddly, oddly, home, in Austin [Texas]. We spend so much time at work and I'm so rarely home that we've created this great little [home]. ... [We've] intentionally tried to create all the spots of vacationing that I've loved in my life and if you can't get away to those places where would you want to go? And it's home!

What's your number-one travel tip?

Roll when you pack, you get a lot more into the suitcase. Pack. Layout. Start packing weeks before. And laying out and then start taking away what you don't need before you start packing. So my room is laid out weeks before I travel.

And what's the one thing you never leave home without?

Myself! Often, often it's myself. Every once in awhile [my] head's forgotten but I just need all of me with me, sometimes certain aspects are left behind; and facilities are left behind but I now travel with all of me.

When you get on a plane — apart from the obvious, passport — is there something that you like to always have with you?

Something to do [laughs]. Just, if I get stuck, just remember — and I always forget. I mean, if there is lip balm I've done a good job. I'm usually thinking of 14 other things and forget most of what I need. I'm the worst at that. I try to pre-plan. Just a good stack of home décor and architectural magazines and I'm happy as a clam.

Have you been to Australia?

Love Australia!

What was your favourite travel experience here?

The people. I mean, the architecture was fantastic. I always think, oh, it must be the way it's laid out and the sun — all of those were fantastic. The sense of humour of the people and the wit and that sort of dry repartee; I don't know what it is. I find it in the UK but in Australia it was just like I felt comfortable. I felt welcomed. And I loved it!

Is there one place you've never been you've always wanted to go?

Argentina, yes, and I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go!

Getting back to your latest film, what was the best thing about making The Proposal for you?

Who I got to wake up to everyday and go to work with; even if it was an 18-hour day. We didn't care if it was a weekend, I didn't care. Anne Fletcher and Ryan [Reynolds] and Mary [Steenburgen] and Craig [T Nelson] and Betty White and Oscar [Nuñez] ... I mean everyone that I looked at was at the top of their field and brought me, and helped me, to a level that I wasn't at before and I'm so thankful, thankful, thankful!

I don't know what to say, I mean I hate calling it a romantic comedy, it's not, it's a comedy and it's got great social and life issues [and it] has some romance in it. But I worked with the best and they made me better and I'm so thankful for them and I was happy the entire time. I wasn't crabby, and I tend to get crabby. I was not crabby!

I'm sure someone will say, "No you were a bitch that day." No I was playing a bitch; I was in character. Any time I was nasty I was in character. But I was so thankful and happy to go to work, the way the producers did their job relentlessly. And they kept the bar high and no-one had to stay on top of them and that's rare. That's very rare.

User comments
Hey Sandra Bullock, If ever you go to Argentina, can I come with you ?? Would love to visit there too!

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