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Rockin' London the Spice Girls, Bowie and Winehouse way

09:00 AEST Thu Nov 18 2010
Visiting London is just like visiting a huge living museum. There's so much history and age, and every now and again they pop in something new. Jules Lund quite likes old museums, within reason, but was very keen to visit O2, London's premiere music venue, to see the high-tech, interactive museum's British Music Experience.

Great Britain has contributed an enormous amount to the world of music for many generations, so it's a terrific experience for all ages. Jules said a ticket to the British Music Experience is like a ticket to your ultimate summer music festival, with every one of your favourite British bands headlining — plus a few Aussies thrown into the bargain.

Some of the most coveted music memorabilia of all time has been gathered, and the exhibition is basically devoted to 60 years of British popular music.

For many groups, their wardrobe rates as highly as their music. Just think about the Spice Girls and Boy George's iconic costumes, David Bowie's infamous clown outfit and, more recently, Amy Winehouse's vintage clothes.

Paul Lilley is the mastermind of the motley collection of memorabilia. It kicked off two years ago with nothing and now the collection is worth £6 million ($9.8 million). More than 150 artists have lent items and there are around 3000 images, 600 videos and a few thousand tracks.

More than 100 artists feature, from the Beatles to Iron Maiden, Cilla Black to Elastica and genres from skiffle to reggae, rock'n'roll, blues, punk and grime are all there.

The trip down memory lane traces historic moments and trends. Music has influenced art, fashion and politics, and so much of what we all enjoyed and loved has been permanently etched in our memories. Tailor your own experience and be part of the crowd at a legendary gig, flick through virtual record collections and eavesdrop on fantasy dinner parties.

A real drawcard is Dance the Decades which teaches popular moves from past decades. When you've finished on the dance floor, you can relive the glory on a holographic replay. You can also develop your skills on the electric or acoustic guitar, bass, Slingerland drums or vocals at the Gibson Interactive Studio.

A ticket to the British Music Experience gives more than just entry for the day. If there is an exhibit, item or experience you particularly love, scan your ticket over one of the 50 sensor points and log on at home and relive part of the experience.

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The British Music Experience at The O2 in North Greenwich, 30 minutes from Central London on the Tube.


British Music Experience at The O2 entry is around $25 for adults and $20 for children. It is open between 10am and 6.30pm every day. Cost includes admission to all areas and a Smarticket.

Emirates has flights to London from:

  • Perth $1873
  • Brisbane $1897
  • Melbourne and Adelaide $1906
  • Sydney $1925

These fares are available only online to the first 100 people to book. For more information, visit

Prices correct at November 18, 2010.

For further information

Ph: 1300 303 777

The O2
Greater London SE100
United Kingdom
Ph: +44 20 8463 2572

Visas: Visas are not required for Australians entering the UK for tourism for stays of less than six months. If you wish to work, you must obtain the appropriate two-year visa in advance.

Electricity: 220V with a three-point plug.

Time: GMT.

Currency: The British pound sterling.

International dialling code: +44.

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