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Peru's Challenge: Jules visits the people of Cuzco in the Andes

19:30 AEST Thu Nov 22 2012
Peru’s Challenge was founded in 2003 by Australian Jane Gavel and Peruvian Selvy Ugaz. The program works with volunteers, creating opportunities for children living in the Andes, and since its inception has helped over 1000 families and educated hundreds of children in four communities.

There are countless small villages struggling to survive in devastating conditions. 75% of Cuzco’s population lives in poverty, are malnourished and uneducated. Peru’s Challenge stays for three to six years and moves on once a village is self-sustaining. Villagers don’t want hand-outs. They just don’t have funds to get started, but once they have the basics they don’t look back.

Jules visited Cuzco in 2006 and joined Peru’s Challenge to help raise the living standards of some of the poorest communities in the country. He was involved in the construction of a school. Everyone was delighted that over 250 Australian volunteers took on Peru’s Challenge as a result of Jules’ Getaway story.

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