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Extreme Palau: A Survivor experience

19:30 AEST Thu Jan 3 2013

On her first visit to Palau, Kelly loved the experience of swimming in the amazing Jellyfish Lake. Her next assignment wasn't quite as gentle.

She signed up for a Sam's Tour to see if she could survive all Palau has to offer. The Tarzan Tour involves cave free-diving, snorkelling through marine tunnels, cliff jumping and rope swinging. There's endless colourful coral to ogle at low tide, accompanied by thousands of fish.

Sam Scott is American and first visited Palau to join his step-father. He immediately began exploring the vast reef systems, hidden waterways, offshore fishing grounds and forgotten jungles. His knowledge of Palau's natural wonders and hidden secrets is second to none.

It is an extreme adventure but the rewards are superb. Palau's rock islands hold so many secrets, hard paddling and one or two bruises are forgotten when their beauty is revealed. Kelly was amazed that entering a cave could open up a brand new world. She described it as a 'private Eden'.

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