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A perfect island holiday

17:30 AEST Sat Jul 6 2013

Natalie visited Rarotonga in the Cook Islands and just couldn’t stop telling people about it. A 5.5 hour flight from Sydney, Rarotonga is the largest of the fifteen Cook Islands dotted across the Pacific Ocean and it’s a paradise for singles, couples, families — anyone who dreams about the perfect island holiday.

User comments
I have recently lived on the Cooks for 10 months, and agree with the writer that it is, indeed, a beautiful place on the earth. The landscape is just amazing, the water so blue, and the weather is warm all year round. A bit of a culture shock for me, as I was a very busy person, and, in the Cooks, you will be forced to be laid back. Go and visit, you will not regret it. Great place to chill out.

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