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Ghost ship: is the Queen Mary really haunted?

17:30 AEST Sat Apr 20 2013

Kate Ceberano went to Long Beach in Los Angeles to board the Queen Mary, the grand old dame who set the standard back in the '30s.

The Queen Mary had her maiden voyage in 1936 and sailed mostly in the North Atlantic. It was the preferred mode of travel for the elite and wealthy. It oozed elegance and style but was also a troopship ferrying allied soldiers for the duration of WWII.

Following the war, she was refitted, and along with the Queen Elizabeth, dominated trans-Atlantic transportation until the jet age in the late '50s.

After completing 1001 Atlantic crossings, the retired ocean liner sailed into Long Beach in 1967 and offers a unique alternative to your stay in LA. There are 314 original first-class staterooms — including nine full suites on three decks. Each cabin is appointed with rich wood panelling, art deco built-ins, original artworks and outside cabins with portholes. Exquisite ballrooms sweep you back to the romance and elegance of this beautiful vessel.

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