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Disney World: World's best theme park?

17:30 AEST Sat Jun 2 2012
After their visit to Disneyland in California, Kate and Jason couldn't wait to cross to the other side of the United States to have more fun at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The best piece of advice is to wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to cover plenty of kilometres. The world's biggest theme park is fifty times the size of California's Disneyland, covering 100 square kilometres with four theme parks, two water parks, twenty-three on-site resort hotels, a campground, two health spas and physical fitness centre, other recreational venues and entertainment.

User comments
We are a family of 4 1st time went in 2008 our girls were 6 an 9 then back in 2010 we spent 2 months in Florida alone, allow 7 days minimum to do Disney World with the size of the park and the amount to see you do not want to rush it at all. The fire works spectacular and world of lights and parades ,shows there is so much to see. And the variety of resort accommodation suits any one from 5 star through to camping, kitchen facility rooms to pampering Disney has it all!!! I would recommend Disney World over Disney Land anytime, and don't forget in Florida there is also Cape Canavrel (NASA) , Universel Studios, Seaworld ,outlet shopping, cruises glare central. And so much more!!

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