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Delta Goodrem goes to the heart of '90s grunge

17:30 AEST Sat Apr 14 2012
For a city we don't hear enough about, Seattle is one of the world's most dynamic music cities. Its rich history feeds a lifestyle and the industry is independent and dedicated to keeping the roots of Pacific Northwest music alive.

Seattle city's website is crammed with listings of venues, rehearsal studios, record companies and music events. Locals have a great sense of pride about their important part in the music scene and fully support music, film and the arts.

Who better to show us the city than singer, songwriter and musician Delta Goodrem? While she didn't grow up a fan of grunge music, as a songwriter she was intrigued to visit its 1990s birthplace.

User comments
Pretty much ANYONE would be a better choice to cover a genre and scene such as that than Delta Goodrem.
There is no one better to show us a has-been of a place than a has-been of an "entertainer"- and even that description of her is a longshot. The latest album has been coming since 2008 i.e. it's the musical equivalent of vaporware.
That was horrible and I want my five minutes back. You ask "Who better to show us the city than singer, songwriter and musician Delta Goodrem?" The answer is anyone. Anyone at all.
I have watched this episode of Getaway, it made my skin crawl, I have never been so embarrassed in my life. It was a train wreck, I was unable to look away from Deltas incredibly plastic posturing and feigned interest in what the poor local guy had to tell her about the tour. Then the final nail in the coffin when she donned some headphones and headbanged, raising the horns in some paltry attempt to garner some kind of rock cred, it was so cringingly bad. Go back to Neighbours and stop trying to pretend that you are an musical 'artist' bluegh!

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