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Top five things to do in Las Vegas

11:00 AEST Fri Nov 4 2011
Just the words 'Las Vegas' are enough to excite some people. It's not all about gambling. There is world-class entertainment, fabulous hotels, light and water shows and some pretty impressive shopping.

Here are the top five things to do when you're there:

  • 1. Learn the art of poker. Many casinos offer free gaming lessons, so take your pick. If you are going to play the tables or slots, you might as well know exactly what to do!

  • 2. To see a live show is an absolute must. At least one! There are musicals, circuses, comedy acts, tribute shows, headliners and illusionists including the Magician of the Millennium.

  • 3. There is accommodation for every budget. The Getaway crew loves staying at The Palms. It's quirky, comfortable, has world-class dining, legendary nightlife and non-stop entertainment.

  • 4. The Grand Canyon is not far away and you can drive yourself there or take a helicopter ride. However you see it, it is impressive!

  • 5. Hit The Strip as the sun sets. The fun intensifies, the whole place lights up and there is a definite buzz in the air.

User comments
absolute number 1 -- take the long tour of the grand canyon with Maverick helicopters ,unforgetable
Visit the 2 huge factory outlet malls and bag some bargains Buy the 24 buffet pass for some magnificent feasts (especially at Paris and Ceasars)

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