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<i>Getaway</i>'s American Road Trip: Meet the road trippers!

Getaway's American Road Trip: Meet the road trippers!

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Four strangers, one RV and 1500 miles of American open road. Anything could happen! Tune into Getaway's American Road Trip in six adventure segments over six weeks, starting from Thursday, October 21, at 7.30pm.

After the success of last year's European Road Trip, Getaway has signed up four more young travellers for another Aussie rite of passage — packing them off in an American-sized recreational vehicle for the ultimate road trip through the heart of the USA. From driving done the famous Route 66, to taking an Elvis Presley pilgrimage, to riding the world's craziest wooden rollercoaster, these adventurers get up to all kinds of super-sized fun.

Meet the road trippers

Take a sneak peak at our gallery of the four road trippers, and find out more about them below.

Matt, 22
Job: Carpenter and winner of 2010's Australia's Hottest Tradie Contest.
Interests: Wake boarding, dirt bikes and snowboarding.
On applying for the road trip: "Why not? Isn’t it every person’s dream job?"

Katie, 21
Job: Student in her final year of an exercise science degree.
Interests: Music and guitar, running, camping, outdoor activities, Hamish and Andy.
Interesting fact: In 2008 Katie walked the 155km Kokoda Trail with eight strangers as part of the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge.

James, 23
Job: Project manager at a video production company.
Into: Music, Yo Ho Diablo, X Box, wasting time.
Interesting fact: James was originally meant to film a friend's application for the road trip but was drawn to the opportunity to travel with Getaway and decided to film his own.

Clare, 21
Job: Journalism student.
Interests: Reading, animals, blog surfing and brunching.
On what she will miss most while she is away: "My massive, high-pressure shower. I don't know how Iam going to survive washing in something the size of a port-a-loo."

User comments
I really loved you guys, you all seemed like such nice people. One day I would love to do a big road trip like yours. x
we are a family of 5 that have watched your show forever, we as a couple are mid 40's our kids are 16, 14 and 11. we have tried to take our children on as many travel adventures as we can afford, we fantasise watching your show of places we would like to go. in the past we have been as a family to several locations in the USA, Thailand, Vanuatu and as many different desinations as we can up and down the east coast of Australia. I WAS EMBARESSED watching your 4 in New Orleans was that family viewing they were just wanting to find girls to get their gear off, what does that tell my 14 year daughter???? or my 16 year son is this what they should be doing when travelling get your gear off and drink what you can through test tubes,or was it schoolies on the gold coast i thought you were above this. Carol jOHNSON

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