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Legends show
Legends show
Jules plays poker
Catriona & Ben hit the town

Las Vegas: Nightlife & Casino

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Legends in Concert, Imperial Palace

After a hectic time experiencing all that Las Vegas had to offer, all that was left was the nightlife.

Catriona and Ben took themselves to Legends in Concert at the 800-seat Imperial Palace. For more than 20 years, beautiful showgirls warm up the crowd for the amazing celebrity impersonators. You'll be pinching yourself to make sure you aren't actually watching Elvis, Cher, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Tom Jones or Neil Diamond, as these talented stars could easily be the real thing. They look and sound so much like their alter egos, fans actually queue for their autographs after the show!

by Cirque de Soleil at the MGM Grand

David had the good fortune to attend a performance of , the latest addition to the fabulous Cirque de Soleil. The bedazzling performance is at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casio in a room seating 1951 people, all entranced by the acrobatic prowess of 80 performers interacting with fireballs, puppets, smoke and pyrotechnics while following the story of twins on a perilous journey to fulfil their destiny.

Even ushers are in costume and there are speakers in the back of every seat. It's quite an experience and it's not surprising it takes 1500 people behind-the-scenes to produce such a spectacular.

Studio 54 at the MGM Grand

Natalie and Jules just had to go to Studio 54. It began in New York on West 54th Street in 1977 and is still going strong. It's recognised as the icon to '70s pop culture, but in Las Vegas it has a modern twist. Dancers, wall walkers, bungee jumpers and acrobats perform astonishing feats and don't be surprised by the occasional balloon of confetti drop! Two-thousand square metres of four dance floors, bars and lounges make for a very active night on the town!


Nevada in the US.


Legends in Concert at the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino tickets are around $55 per person.
KÁ — Cirque de Soleil at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino tickets are around $130 per person.

Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.
Ph: 0011 1 877 862 3847

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