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Getaway goes to Hollywood
Getaway goes to Hollywood
Brendon and Catriona
David & Nat meet up for lunch

Getaway goes to Hollywood

Thursday, April 22, 2004
This is the complete action LA & Hollywood has to offer and we are here to catch all of it in its glitz and its glamour! Welcome to Hollywood.

The Hollywood district of the city of Los Angeles was founded in 1857. In the early 1900s, motion picture production companies from New York and New Jersey began moving to California because of its more desirable weather and longer hours of light for filming. The first studio, Nestor Company, was set up in 1911.

Another advantage of moving west was that Thomas Edison, who owned most of the moving picture patents, was ensconced way back east, from where it was difficult to police their use.

In 1923, the famous Hollywood sign, which read "Hollywoodland", was erected to advertise a new housing development in the hills. The sign became "Hollywood" in 1949 and is a registered trademark.

Like most large cities, the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles has its good, bad and ugly, but once you get to the Hollywood area, you can see it has its own, plus someone else's, share of glitz and glamour.

CityPasses on sale in many major North American cities. They can be purchased online or at the first tourist attraction you visit. Your Hollywood CityPass is valid for 30 days and is good for a visit to Universal Studios and four famous Walk of Fame attractions. In many cases having the pass means you don't have to line up. Their website provides detailed information about each of the attractions.

There's so much to see in LA that Getaway knew it was impossible for one reporter to cover it all. So we packed up David, Catriona, Brendon, Natalie and Jules and put them on a Qantas flight direct to Los Angeles, where they went off in different directions. Here is what they saw!

Places to eat

Joan's On Third is a family-run gourmet marketplace with café-style seating and a delicious selection of foods to enjoy there or take away. They have more than a hundred cheeses to choose from and wine to go with each one.

Dolce in West Hollywood is a swank Italian restaurant owned by a collection of celebrity investors, including Ashton Kutcher, who happens to be the young man in Demi Moore's life.

Set up for romance, its lighting is dim, with flickering candles in narrow windows. Ceilings are high, walls glow with a golden hue and large, black leather booths give privacy. Their wine cellar has 2000 bottles. This is the latest spot for the bright young crowd.

Asia de Cuba is in the very smart Mondrian Hotel. It is decorated all in white with dazzling views across the city. The patio has trees in giant pots and is across the pool from the very popular Sky Bar. The influences of chilli, sesame and citrus oils are evident in its seafood, steak and tempura dishes. Portions are huge, so you can share.

Mel's Drive-In Diner on Sunset in West Hollywood is open 24 hours every day. Its menu is huge and its atmosphere pure old Hollywood, right down to the shakes and jukeboxes playing great classics. Perch at the counter or settle in a booth and tap your feet while feasting. Great meals, great prices. A definite must on a trip to Hollywood.


Los Angeles, California


Joans on Third is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm and on Sunday from 11am to 6pm.
CityPass costs around $97 for adults and $US66 for under-10 year olds.
Dolce main courses are between $27-40. It opens each day from 6pm to midnight.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information

Mel's Drive-in Diner
8585 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood 90069
Ph: 323 854 7200

Asia de Cuba
8440 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood 90069
Ph: 323 848 6000

8284 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood
Ph: 323 852 7174

Joan's On Third
8350 West Third Street, Los Angeles 90048
Ph: 323 655 2285

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