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The Statue of Liberty.
The Statue of Liberty.
The streets of New York.
Inside the stock exchange.

New York

Thursday, November 30, 2000
First stop the Big Apple. We've got hustle and bustle, uptown and downtown ... and any trip to New York would not be complete without a visit to Wall Street.

The Big Apple is a place like no other. So much to see, do and buy. It would take a lifetime to get to know New York, but exploring it can be enormous fun and just getting your priorities right can be a challenge in itself.

If you haven't visited New York before and would like some local assistance, get in touch with Big Apple Greeters. They will ask questions about the things you like to do and match you with a guide to help you achieve that — absolutely free. The friendly and knowledgeable guides have one important thing in common — they love showing New York to visitors. Their groups have no more than six people and they will stay with you from two to four hours in any of the five boroughs.

One great way to get an idea of the vastness of Manhattan is to take a Staten Island ferry or a Circle Island Cruise. The Staten Island ferry is free and in one hour you see the breathtaking skyline and the proud Statue of Liberty holding her torch on Liberty Island.

If you're interested in the stock market, the New York Stock Exchange is at 8 Broad Street. There's a visitors centre where you can check the bear or bull market and watch anxious traders trying to earn enough money to keep their US$1 million seat on the floor.

A visit to a live show on Broadway is pretty much the icing on the New York cake. There are two places to buy discounted theatre tickets for shows the same day — one at Times Square and one at the World Trade Center, where the queues are shorter. This can save you up to 70 percent and though you may not see your first choice, you probably will see something quite special that you couldn't see anywhere else.

Even though it's a good idea to keep a close eye on the dollar exchange rate, shopping can be fantastic in New York. The variety is overwhelming and there are always sales around. Some of the designer stores such as Tiffany on Fifth Avenue are nose-against-the-window places, but it doesn't hurt to dream.

New York offers a wide choice of cultural pursuits. Visit the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, the Whitney and Natural History museums and then there are galleries galore offering something for everyone's taste in art. And don't forget the skyscrapers. Many have viewing areas and on a clear day, well, you know the song.

There are restaurants serving every conceivable type of food, ranging in price from very cheap to way, way over the top. Taxis aren't a bad way to get around New York. There are lots and most places aren't far away.


New York state, on the east coast of the US.


Qantas flies daily to New York. Return economy airfares start at $1699 from the east coast, $1899 from Adelaide and $2099 from Perth. This fare is on sale until September 14, 2000 and is for travel between October 7 and November 30, 2000.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Big Apple Greeters
1 Centre Street, New York 10007
Ph: 0011 1 212 669 8159
Qantas: 13 1313
Best Western: 13 1779

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