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Inside the Standard Hotel.
Inside the Standard Hotel.
David chats to the locals.
The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood.

Standard Hotel

Thursday, June 1, 2000
The Standard Hotel is anything but standard. What was a retirement home is now transformed into a New Age hotel that's very different, even by Hollywood standards.

Mr Balazs wanted to have a hotel that was relatively inexpensive but innovative, a double he felt was lacking in the hotel world. He successfully pushed the hotel design boundaries and offers budget rates in a sophisticated hotel.

West Hollywood is a place where trends are set and where stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Matt Damon go to have fun.

The upside-down sign outside the Standard is the first clue that this hotel is not like others, and if your tastes are conservative and conventional, it's probably not the place you want to stay. The floors, walls and ceilings are covered with shag pile carpet, and the astroturf around the swimming pool is bright blue!

There is a disc jockey at the reception desk and a barbershop where, apart from a haircut, buzz cut or bleach, you can be tattooed or pierced.

Also at reception is a large glass box. At any given time it might be empty, it might contain a cactus, a model in a tank top and boxer shorts, or a totally naked woman.

The Standard Hotel has 140 rooms and two suites, each with T-1 Internet connection, cordless phone, speakerphone, amazing sound and visuals. There's also a 24-hour restaurant, room service and stocked mini-bars.


West Hollywood, Los Angeles


The Standard Hotel's rooms start at around $170 per night for one or two people staying a minimum of two nights.
Qantas flies daily to Los Angeles. Return airfares start at $1833 from the east coast, $2153 from Adelaide and $2633 from Perth. Conditions and surcharges apply.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission.

More information

The Standard Hotel
8300 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
Phone: 0011 1 323 650 9090
Fax: 0011 1 323 650 2820
Qantas: 13 1313

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