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Seaside Truman Show

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Truman Show is a 1998 film directed by Australian Peter Weir and starring Jim Carrey and Laura Linney. Set in the hypothetical town of Seahaven, it chronicles the life of a man who does not know his entire life is a constructed reality designed for a television show. He was chosen from six unwanted babies and grew up wanting to be an explorer, but was strongly discouraged.

Everyone except the central character, Truman Burbank, is an actor. He is unaware that he lives for the entertainment of those outside, all of whom — including his wife — fake friendship. The film follows his discovery of the situation and his attempts to escape.

Eventually Truman picks up on little details which lead him to think he is being watched and that those close to him aren't what they seem. His mother, wife and "best friend" pressure him to stay in Seahaven when he talks about leaving the town. When he does try to escape things happen to prevent him — choreographed traffic jams, a bus breakdown, an artificially created hurricane-force storm and other obstacles.

In case you've not seen the film, we won't give anything more away. Once you know more about its intriguing background, you may just want to rent it out.

Seaside is midway between Fort Walton and Panama City on 32 hectares of Florida panhandle. It is a walking community with paved streets and very few of its 100 residents own a car. The population swells to well over 1500 in summer. There are around 350 homes and cottages (270 of which can be rented), a stretch of white sandy beach on the Gulf of Mexico and a town centre with fifty-five shops and restaurants.

Long pathways link it all together, porches face each other and there are three pools, six tennis courts, a croquet lawn, fitness centre, children's camp and many activities.

Seaside is an example of the "new urbanism". Some love it, but detractors say it is overly rigid, with strict limitations on external aesthetics creating a manufactured fantasy or conformity over creativity and individuality. Those who live or visit there say it's the best place on earth and their friendliness seems proof of their contentment.

It certainly is chocolate-box pretty. Pastel-hued buildings, white picket fences (there can be no two alike in the same street) and groundcover rather than grass. Beautyberry, verbena and loblolly pines grow well, as do Carolina jessamine, wax myrtle and wild rosemary.

Sarah and Charles Modica, who had cameo roles in the film, opened their grocery business in Seaside over fifteen years ago. Modica Market is a gourmet's delight. It is stocked floor-to-ceiling with fine foods and wines, kitchenware and barware. You can enjoy a coffee while wandering around the store. The Market has become one of the country's leading sources of gourmet lines and their picnic hampers and postal service are thriving.

There are lots of delightful things to do in Seaside. Join in a game of petanque with locals at Church Green, the green in front of the chapel; watch the sun set from Bud 'n' Alley's roof deck; or rent bicycles to explore the town.

Taste a delicious ice cream in the Cinderella Circle. Visit the open-air market, which features bohemian beach styles for women, and browse one of the many galleries in Ruskin Place.


Florida, the south-east of the United States.


Air New Zealand has return flights to Los Angeles with connections to Fort Walton. Taxes and surcharges are included. Valid for departures until December 9, 2006.

Fare to LA from;
  • Sydney, $2372
  • Melbourne, $2455
  • Brisbane, $2457
  • Adelaide, $2674
  • Perth, $2858

Prices quoted are correct on September 21, 2006.

Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

More information

11 East Ruskin Place
Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459

Rosemary Beach
PO Box 611040
Rosemary Beach FL 32461
Ph: 0011 1 850-278-2031

Beaches of South Walton
PO Box 1248
Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459
Ph: 0011 1 850-267-1216

Modica Market
109 Seaside Central Square
Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459
Ph: 0011 1 850 231 1214

Air New Zealand
Ph: 132 476

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