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Sophie Monk's LA

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Sophie Monk's musical career began in 1999 when she was chosen from more than 2000 ambitious girls to be part of the female pop group, Bardot. She has since established a solo career and turned her hand to acting. She's been based in Los Angeles for 4.5 years and Getaway asked her to show us some of her favourite places.

Kings Road Café

This is where Sophie likes to begin her day. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the menu is huge. There's something for everyone. They roast their own Arabica beans and their coffee is so popular you can buy beans to take home.

The European style cafe is filled with light and very buzzy and patronised by producer, writers and aspiring actors. The newsstand next door is where everyone buys the daily paper and magazines for local news and gossip, and there's plenty of that!

Runyon Canyon

Sophie's been going to Runyon Canyon since she arrived in LA. The mountain is the perfect place to escape the city. It has several trails laid out for a short walk or strenuous hike. If you reach the top you are rewarded with a grand view of the city. It's dog friendly and it's legal for them to run around leash-free.

It's hard to believe you are in 52 hectares of urban wilderness just two blocks from Hollywood Boulevard. It's a rare example of wild chaparral with drought-resistant evergreen and shrubs. There are three ways to enter Runyon Canyon — two entrances at the bottom of the park in the south and one at the top in the north.

Sophie tries to tackle the hardest walk at least once a week with friends. She said it's amazing who she runs into when she's on her walk.

Napoleon Perdis

Another Aussie who has hit the big time is Napoleon Perdis. He began carving out his successful beauty product career in Sydney's inner-west and is now the king in Los Angeles, a city where appearances are everything.

He has products for faces, bodies, lips, eyelashes — you name it — and he must be doing something right. He has outlets across Australia, three stores in California and is about to open in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Malaysia.

Sophie has been a fan since they were both novices in their chosen fields and says her beauty secrets all lie with Napoleon make-up.

Napoleon never forgets his Australian roots, and if you visit his store in Los Angeles you will receive a 20 percent discount off whatever you buy.

Melrose Avenue

This is one of the area's prime shopping precincts. It's cool, it's trendy and is one of the few pedestrian neighbourhoods in LA. It runs all the way from Santa Monica Boulevard to Silver Lake and one its most famous landmarks is Paramount Pictures.

There are countless international fashion houses, including Carolina Herrera, Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Oscar de la Renta, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg and many more. If you love to wander from shop to shop, Melrose is the street for you!

Revolve Clothing

Revolve began as an online store, but became so popular it became a store with a shopfront. You have the choice of the way to shop. They stock the best in women's and men's designer clothing and accessories and an eclectic mix of lifestyle goods.

They have more than 400 brands, unrivalled customer service, free worldwide shipping, free returns and live operator assistance. Their online store has around 1.7 million visitors every month.

Sophie loves the flagship store on Melrose. It's in an old warehouse and she says their stock changes so fast she has to be a regular visitor.

Kara Lusardi

Sophie's favourite designer is Kara Lusardi — they met when Sophie first arrived in Los Angeles and have become great friends with their careers soaring. For Kara, who has the label "Bobi", it all began with women's T-shirts. Kara's clothing is basic and casual yet elegant and affordable.

Some of Hollywood's biggest names snap up her clothes — Madonna, Beyoncé, Hilary Swank, Nicole Ritchie and Ellen DeGeneres are a few who buy from her — and she has just launched her label worldwide.

Thompson Beverly Hills Poolbar

This is one of Sophie's favourite places to meet friends and enjoy a cocktail. The dark-toned 1970s style venue is a dash of east coast sophistication in the heart of Los Angeles. The rooftop bar is laid-back cool, has fabulous views and is quite the place to go. The two-level area has a heated pool and lots of citrus and olive trees.

The hotel has 107 rooms, pool, gym, spa and an excellent restaurant decorated in chocolate, walnut and bamboo tones, set off with loads of orchids. Bond Street is one of Beverly Hills' most stylish Japanese restaurants and their saketini is one of the most popular cocktails in town.

Sur Restaurant and Bar

For a great place to dine, Sophie recommends Sur Restaurant and Bar. Its food is described as Mediterranean-Californian. It's all low lighting, candles, crisp white linen and lots of fresh flowers.


Around Los Angeles with Sophie Monk.


V Australia has fares to Los Angeles: $1279 from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, $1579 from Adelaide and $1879 from Perth.

Sales and validity dates apply and these fares are valid until April 23, 2010.

Prices correct at April 15, 2010.

For further information

V Australia

King's Road Café
8361 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90048
United States
Ph: +1 323 655 9044

Runyon Canyon Walk
2001 North Fuller Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90046
United States
Ph: +1 818 315 8883

Napoleon Concept Store
6621 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood CA 90028
United States
Ph: +1 323 817 3612
Fax: +1 323 389 0579

Revolve Flagship Store
8452 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood CA 90069
United States
Ph: +1 323 944 0311

Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel
9360 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills CA 90212
United States
Ph: +1 310 273 1400

Sur Restaurant
606 North Robertson Boulevard
West Hollywood CA 90069
United States
Ph: +1 310 289 2824

Visas: Most Australians do not need a visa, providing they have a machine-readable passport with at least six months' validity after the departure day, have a round-trip non-refundable ticket and do not intend to stay longer than 90 days. Australians need to complete a pre-travel authorisation at

Electricity: 110V to 115V at 60Hz. Outlets take two-parallel, flat prongs. Australian visitors will need a US adapter and converter.

Time zone: GMT -8.

Currency: The American dollar.

International dialling code: +1.

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User comments
I LOVE Getaway, it's such an awesome program, but the day they put Sophie Monk on is the worst thing that could have happened to the show. Her rough and ready persona with matching voice is hardly desirable and I spend more time dumbfounded that they would pay her to present then by what she is actually presenting. No-one here is jealous or a jealous housewife or whatever other wise crack you guys are throwing but simply and purely, we want decent presenters... which Sophie Monk is not. I have nothing against her, but she does nothing to model correct behaviour or body type for Australia women and her jokes and personality to not reflect the shows good family values. Worthy of opinion.
Wow, so many nasty comments. Sure, she sounds ocker, but at least she still sounds Australian. If she didn't, everyone would complain she had lost her accent. Can't win either way I suppose. I thought she did fine and at least hit up some different spots. So glad I don't live in Australia anymore. The tall poppy syndrome is just ridiculous!
Would prefer Sophie was definately not used on this normally enjoyable programme. What a huge mistake to use her to try to promote such a lovely place. She looked so artifical, out of her comfort zone. If you must use her again then please help her with makeup and her speech. Sorry we were so disappointed with this presentation - everyone has a niche and this is not hers.
OMG how much of a bogan is shophie monk, she was absolutely terrible. She cant walk, she cant present, and her face is just wrong, none of the guys watching found her attractive. No wounder her movie career is going slow. I hope she is not going to be a regular on the show. Then Natalie came on afterwards. Ive never been more happy to see her
I think the only problem really is her voice!! It's terrible, absolutely awful! It's so deep and rought. Ugh.
Sophie needs a voice coach to lose the rough and hard edge to her voice which ruins her presenting.
Have all you people got nothing better to do with your lives than criticise other people?! Sophie looks great, has a fabulous fun life LA and is doing very well for herself. I wonder how many of you can say the same - honestly I dont think Sophie would give one thought to what some wanna be suburban Australian housewives think of her - seriously - get your own life, then comment!
Unfortunately I agree with the other comments, I felt sorry while watching she can't even close her lips properly. But maybe it is a positive lesson for girls who thinks unnecessary extensive surgery will improve their careers. She was such a beautiful girl.
I thought Sophie was fine so I can't agree with the above comments. My daughter is in LA for 6 months and I will tell her the places Sophie recommended. Go to Hennessy's at the Hermosa Beach Pier (the best place to eat at the beach) and look up the Aussie waitress-Nikki. She is missing Australia! But loves LA.
Sophie Monk was dreadful. She came across as completely fake, her dress length left nothing to the imagination and was inappropriate for a family show. I will never watch your show again if she is in it.

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