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Yukon flight

Thursday, April 16, 2009
As Dermott Brereton discovered, Canada has more than its fair share of stunning scenery. Mother Nature smiled upon every province and each has something superbly beautiful to offer.

He was lucky enough to take a two-hour flight over the 22,000 square kilometre Kluane National Park. It takes up the south-west corner of the Yukon on Canada's north-west, forming part of the massive World Heritage site that extends into Alaska. It's a glacier heaven.

Temperatures drop to -45°C but Dermott struck a day when it was a balmy -18°C.

The day Dermott and his pilot took the flight, they were the only ones there — if you don't count the moose wandering across the tundra! Kluane is home to Dall's sheep, woodland caribou, mountain goat, black bear, wolverine, red fox and wolf. They share the landscape with the smaller muskrat, mink, otter, beaver, marmot, snowshoe hare and squirrel. Lakes and streams teem with Arctic grayling, lake trout and pike. And 118 of the 150 bird species spotted build nests and raise their young there.

Lowell Glacier, the world's largest non-polar icefield, has one of the highest concentrations per square kilometre of grizzly bears in the world. The only way to see it all is from the air. It's so remote it's never been walked on, touched, mountains climbed, or nature's plan interfered with. Chunks of ice which have melted off the glacier float through the lake and crevasses and are the most startling wintery blue. It's all "wow".

The glacier has tributaries, creeks and underneath, giant rushing rivers make almost unbearable rumblings.

The 22,000 square kilometre Kluane National Park & Reserve in the Yukon was established in 1976. It has the country's highest mountain, Mount Logan (5959m) in the St Elias Mountains. Mountains and glaciers dominate the park and two-thirds are interspersed with valleys, glacial lakes, alpine forest, meadows and tundra.

British Columbia's Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park to the south and Alaska's Wrangell-St Elias National Park to the west, it is one of the largest protected wilderness areas in the world.


Above Kluane National Park in Canada's Yukon.


Adventure Destinations has three-night Yukon summer packages including accommodation, half-day canoe and kayak tour, all-terrain vehicle tour, Kluane National Park tour and 75-minute scenic flight for $1278 per person twin share. They run from May 15 to September 20. Winter tours run between October 1 and April 15 with a different range of activities. They cost $1762 per person twin share.

Prices correct at April 16, 2009.

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User comments
I am an avid viewer of getaway and the Yukon has to be the jewel of the world. I must see see it someday.

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