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A very nervous Natalie
A very nervous Natalie
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Shotover Canyon Swing

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Queenstown is New Zealand's purpose-built tourist town. It is on the northern shore of the serpentine Lake Wakatipu and is the epitome of the big-budget resort town, filled with restaurants, nightclubs and cafés.

Generally associated with winter sports, Queenstown has lots to offer year round. Bungy jumping was invented here and there's jet boating, motor-biking, horseriding and some good wine tasting to be enjoyed in the other seasons. Most activities are centred around the lake and rivers.

If you want to experience a full-on adrenaline rush, go no further than Shotover Canyon Swing, the world's highest giant swing. Be prepared, as the swing is 109m above the river and there is a freefall of around 60m before the rope changes your direction into an arc. After a couple of massive swings you come to rest and are winched back to the platform.

You are attached to ropes in a full body harness and launched off a cliff-mounted platform, swinging into a giant arc into the Shotover River Canyon. Its pod has a specially designed launch boom that can release jumpers who can't bring themselves to jump. Called The Cutaway, you hang over the canyon on a special launch boom, sitting upright and remaining in this position all the way down.

Photos are taken of jumpers on the platform and another four or five are taken as they disappear into the canyon.


Queenstown on New Zealand's south island


Shotover Canyon's first swing is $130 and each extra swing is $36. For over 10 year olds and a weight limit of 135kgs.

Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

More information

Shotover Canyon Swing
PO Box 736
Queenstown New Zealand
Ph: 64 3 442 6990 0800 279 464
Fax: 64 3 442 5966

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