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Climb onboard.
Climb onboard.
Lochie in the dry cycle.


Thursday, November 8, 2001
One story Lochie won't forget and almost made him sick was Zorbing in New Zealand.

It is made of extremely durable, clear PVC plastic and weighs about 80kg (that’s without you inside). Basically you are strapped inside it and pushed down a hill. Inventor Andrew Akers assures customers that it is all quite safe if you wear all the straps and a shoulder harness.

He says no one has ever been hurt in a Zorb and they are so durable they have never had any damage done to them. Even if you get a puncture, it is such a slow leak that you won’t be in any danger.

Once you’re in the bubble, Zorbonauts are simply given a push and off you go — rolling, rolling, rolling —up to 30kmh. And you can even do the same thing with added water – known lovingly as the “wash cycle”. It’s much the same as the dry run, but they throw a bucket of water in with you, so as you tumble down the hill you keep getting doused. Apparently this is very popular in summer.

Getaway’s Lochie Daddo says he now has a “new respect for what his clothes go through in the washing machine’s spin cycle.” Certainly not for delicates.

Cost is $25 for a dry zorb, $30 for a wet one and $45 for both. They operate every day, 10am-4pm.


Rotorua, three and a half hours drive southeast of Auckland, NZ.

More information

Zorb Rotorua
Ph (07) 332 2768

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