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Dubai dune dinner

Thursday, July 16, 2009
On his recent visit to Dubai, Dermott Brereton joined an Arabian Adventures trip with a difference: a Desert and Dune Dining Safari. Safaris come complete with GPS assistance, allowing them to follow a route that has the least impact on locals as you head 45 minutes out of Dubai through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

There are actually four routes and more than 200 square kilometres of landscape, with camels, gazelles and oryx as well as camel spiders, snakes, wild cats, desert monitors and scorpions which can be spotted along the way.

Vehicles are meticulously maintained and air-conditioned. None are more than two years old. Before you head into the desert, tyres are dramatically deflated to allow good grip on the sandy tracts, and you just sit back and enjoy the ride. About 60 jeeps go out each day, but somehow it never feels crowded.

As the sun sets behind the dunes you really begin to get the feel of an Arabian adventure, particularly when you arrive at a traditional Bedouin camp and receive a truly warm welcome. Belly dancers provide entertainment, and skilled henna artists create semi-permanent and exotic designs on the hands of guests.

Dinner is a feast of grilled meat, fresh salads and Arabian sweets. You may want to work it off with a camel ride, or just sit back and experience your surroundings while puffing on an aromatic hookah or water pipe.

Hookah smoking is one of the Middle East's oldest traditions and has long inspired great discussions on politics, religion and daily events. They are preferred by many over cigarette smoking as they have none of the chemicals used in tobacco in them. Instead, a blend of cooling dark leaves, fruit pulp, honey or molasses and glycerine is used. There are many flavours, including apple, strawberry, melon, vanilla, rose and pistachio.

It's all rather romantic. You leave Dubai with the sun shining, see it set and then be amazed at the amount of stars in the clear, black desert sky. Like Dermott, you're sure to have an experience you will never forget.


Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates.


Arabian Adventures four-hour Sundowner Dune Dinner Safaris are $103 for adults and $92 for children. They include barbecue dinner, entertainment, camel ride and transportation from Dubai. The Emirates Group's Integrated Safety Management forms the core of Arabian Adventures' safety program. All drivers and safari guides receive rigorous training and maintain a clean safety record. Clients are briefed on safety procedures before each off-road safari.

Emirates has flights to Dubai. Deals are for a limited time only so for more details visit or call 1300 303 777.

Prices correct at July 16, 2009.

For further information

Ph: 1300 303 777

Arabian Adventures
Ph: +971 4 303 4888

Visas: Visas are not required for entry into Dubai but passports must be valid for at least six months.

Electricity: Plugs are European with two circular metal pins.

Time zone: GMT +4.

Currency: The UAE dirham.

International dialling code: + 971.

User comments
We did the overnight dune safari with Arabian Adventures while on our honeymoon in February and loved the experience. We can't wait to visit Dubai again and do another dune tour, perhaps the 4 hour tour so we can experience the belly dancing and camel rides (these are not part of the overnight tours). This was definitely a highlight of our trip to Dubai.
I watched this segment last night with envy. I did the Dune tour earilier this year and the show brought back so many memories about what turned out to be the highlight of my trip to Dubai. We did the Arabian Adventures tour and we were thoroughly pleased with the whole experience. The dune drive was fun and amazing. The camp was fun and relaxing and I do remember the food being divine. Drinks are included which you dont find on other desert tours. If you are going to Dubai - do this tour, you will not regret it.
After watching the show tonight I wanted to show my support for this tour. I was in Dubai in April and was lucky enough to have this experience included during my stay, and I have to say that it was the highlight of my trip to Dubai. Considering all that was included the price was very reasonable. It amazed me when we arrived at the camp just how many 4WD's had been out in the desert at the same time as us, you would never have known. The food was divine, and everything from the Henna Tattoos, to the Camel Rides and the Belly Dancing was great (and included in the price). If you are going to Dubai, this tour is well worth it.

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