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Celebrity Getaway: John Cusack & Thandie Newton

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is your favourite vacation spot, and why?

John: My favourite place to go, so far, I really like the Caribbean a lot. Those waters, its sort of a magical place — the Caribbean Sea, it's pretty magic.

Thandie: Oooh, my goodness. My favourite vacation spot would have to be Ibiza. Yep, gorgeous! We rent a house in the north of the island and the kids love it; the beach, the sun. Apparently, someone told me this once, that it's built on quartz; a lot of quartz in the rocks which is very, very calming and grounding for women, so I'm all for that.

You've been travelling a long time, what's your number-one travel tip?

John: Under-pack. You can always get stuff were you're going; you don't need more than half the stuff you bring with you. I always end up wearing, you know, one or two pairs of jeans, pants or whatever and I've learnt to under-pack. You can't tell that to girls, but for guys — come on — pack a couple of things and go.

Thandie: Don't drink on the plane, yeah, you get dehydrated enough. I never follow that tip, by the way, but that's my tip for everybody else. I just know how it doesn't work.

What is one thing you will never leave home without?

John: If I'm travelling, it's my passport.

Thandie: Passport!

Is there one place you'd like to visit before the end of the world?

John: Yeah, I'd love to go down to South America. I really want to go explore that part of the world. I haven't done any of it. I've been to a lot of the other places and seen a lot of the world.

Thandie: Oooh, goodness me, I'd love to go to India! I haven't been to India, I really would love to go.

You've been to Australia, right? What was your favourite travel experience there?

John: Port Douglas, all that beach area and that stuff over there was pretty spectacular and Sydney is about as beautiful a city as I've ever seen. Yeah, it's just unbelievable, that place!

Thandie: It would have to be the Gold Coast, I went up there with my brother in a rare sort of getaway from Mission: Impossible II, which went on for six to seven months in Sydney. So my brother and I went up to the Gold Coast and we went to this restaurant that had the tallest, tallest palm trees I've ever seen, it was just the most exquisite, romantic place. And just going in a boat and seeing some of the wildlife, and going on long, long walks through the jungle [rainforest], it was just incredible. Port Douglas, my romantic memory of Port Douglas.

What was the best thing about making this movie, 2012, for you?

John: Working with director Roland [Emmerich]. He's a real gentleman and he keeps a lot of the things that happen on big movies [under control]. Sometimes there's so much fear around them because the studio's very nervous and he's earned the right to work in a really relaxed way. Roland keeps very nice people around him and it was a very nice place to come to work each day ... so that makes it a good experience.

Thandie: Being a part of it, just that. Giving the raw materials to a group of special-effects wizards. I was in the movie, I watched the playback, and now suddenly I'm going to see the movie completed. It's a privilege to be a part of so many other people's incredible, extraordinary work; it's a real privilege to be in a movie that has been the hard work of so many people, tirelessly, for months and months on end.

What's the most fun about making this kind of movie?

John: I think, I liked the physical stuff and I also liked how crazy and epic it was. It was just pretty insane. You'd come on set and an entire city block would be on some huge machine that moves mega structures and the whole set would be rocking. It was some incredible engineering going on just to shoot it.

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