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Celebrity Getaway: Clive Owen

Thursday, October 22, 2009
What's your favourite vacation spot and why?
Um, I've got a place in the country in the middle of nowhere and that's probably it.

Near home you mean?

You're not telling anyone?

Is there a place you've never been before you've always wanted to go?
I'd always wanted to go to China, and I went quite recently to the Shanghai Film Festival and I'd love to explore and experience more of China.

Is there one place you're determined you're going to go before you die? Other than China?
Nope, I've been to a lot of places. I feel very lucky. I feel like I've travelled a lot.

What's your number-one travel tip?
Drink lots of water.

And something you never leave home without?
A toothbrush.

Let's talk about the location of this film. Had you ever been to South Australia before?
I'd never been to Australia before and it was one of the most stunningly beautiful places I've ever been. There are some shots in this film where the car is driving at the end and various wide shots of this epic view of beautiful hills and the sea, and that was our drive to work everyday. It was absolutely stunningly beautiful and my kids came out, the family came out and had what they consider their best holiday because they were outdoors — they were on the beach, enjoying the wildlife. They were at the perfect age to experience it.

What about other parts of Australia, did you travel at all within Australia?
I went over to Kangaroo Island [also in South Australia] which was pretty amazing as well. It's the furthest I got because it was a pretty intensive shoot so there wasn't much time to travel. I tried to get to the Melbourne Cup but they didn't let me out of shooting and I didn't get enough time off to get there.

What was the best thing about making this movie for you?
The whole experience was a really lovely experience of being there and of working with the kids [George MacKay and Nicholas McAnulty], who are both really fantastic. Working with director Scott Hicks, who was a real great collaborator, and I just had a very good time on the movie.

What was your favourite meal in Australia; can you remember where you had it?
Um, I had some incredibly good food but I can't remember the name of the places. But we shot in McLaren Vale [South Australia], the wine area and there were some really amazing restaurants there.

And some amazing wines I'd imagine?
Some amazing wines!

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