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Celebrity Getaway: Cameron Diaz and Sofia Vassilieva

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So let's start with your favourite vacation spot and why?

Sofia Vassilieva: I'll go first ... There are two places that I go. I love going out of the country. I love Europe. I love travelling all over the world, so, anywhere outside of the US is usually a great experience for me — really, really fun and I always look forward to it. A quick getaway that's nearby is Palm Springs, it's close to Los Angeles and nice to get away to. We know a few places that are totally secluded, where we can just escape from the world. So it's either escaping to a completely different world or escaping from the daily routine.

Cameron Diaz: Um, I love travelling and it just depends on what kind of vacation I want to go on. Sometimes, I want to be really active and I want to go surfing or I want to go hiking. Sometimes I just want to lay around a pool or on a beach, and sometimes I want to go and have a wonderful culinary experience or go out into a indigenous village somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You know, it just depends really where, what my appetite is at the time, how much time I have ... I'm terrible with favourites because I can't pick favourites. It's, like, impossible!

SV: Too many options!

CD: Yeah, it's impossible for favourites, because I just enjoy everything. I can't even tell you one place I've been where I wasn't happy being there. But I recently went to Peru. It was one of my last big trips and that was amazing! Machu Picchu was gorgeous!

What's your number-one travel tip?

CD: Compartmentalise.

SV: Yeah, that's one I've been learning [both laugh].

CD: It is, you have to. I travel with — in my suitcase — these zip bags which I put all the different articles. All my clothing, from tank tops to T-shirts to jeans, shorts, whatever, I put all together in different compartments and then put them in the zip bags. So you basically pack outside of your bag and then you just throw it in like a puzzle and it's the most fantastic brilliant thing ever! And then if you need a T-shirt, you just grab the bag that has T-shirts in it, unzip it, take out the T-shirt, do the bag back up and then throw it back in the trunk.

SV: I've learnt to sit on my suitcase to get it shut [laughs].

CD: I've been doing this a little bit longer.

SV: I have some lessons to go, but that's the good one that I've learnt — sit on it!

CD: Professional packing. If you are a traveller, packing is the most important, important, important thing!

SV: See, sitting on your suitcase, no? That doesn't work?

CD: Absolutely, I sit on my suitcase too.

SV: I'm learning valuable lessons along the way. I now know how to pack properly and I'll have to put it to good use.

So what's one thing you never leave home without?

CD: Toiletries.

SV: Yeah, probably. Most needed.

CD: Sunscreen.

Is there anything you absolutely have to have with you on the plane?

CD: My Kindle digital book reader.

SV: I use my iPhone. I feel as if I've been corrupted by the iPhone but it's so great, so great! I love it 'cos I can download apps with books and I can sit there and read a book or play a game or do things I probably shouldn't be doing on a plane.

CD: Really?

SV: No, you know you're not supposed to use …

CD: No, but you can put it on flight mode.

SV: Valuable lessons!

Sophia, you're learning lots of things! Cameron, you've been to Australia before, what was your favourite travel experience here?

CD: You know, I haven't gotten to travel around Australia too much, I'm mostly in Sydney. But one day we took a flight out of Sydney, a seaplane flight to one of the little harbour areas. Landed the plane on the water, had lunch at this amazing restaurant, played cards all day and just enjoyed all the beauty of the nature around us. That was in between interviews, during a press junket, and that was wonderful, I had a wonderful time there!

That was the Hawkesbury River, wasn't it?

CD: Possibly, it's wonderful! The food was delicious! I'm so bad with names and titles, it's almost like a dyslexia, it doesn't stick very well [laughs].

Last travel question, what's the ultimate place you've never been you've always wanted to go?

SV: I'd love to go to Australia. It's honestly one of the places I've been dying to go to, so hopefully that's somewhere on my horizon.

CD: I'm sure it will be, I'm sure of it [laughs]. I want to go to India, I haven't yet been to India and I would really love to go.

Now what was the best thing about making this film, My Sister's Keeper, for each of you?

SV: The people and the lessons that I learnt from it. To be able to tell Kate Fitzgerald's story; after seeing the film, it's a very difficult journey to take. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by very, very strong people, who gave me strength, and happiness and energy. And what was really great about Kate was that I almost learnt to live again. I stopped focusing on five minutes from now, five minutes ago, and I really became present.

I treasured and keep treasuring every person I meet and every adventure I go on. I think that's ultimately what this movie taught me; what I loved about it was living and being happy. I'd like to attribute "me learning to be happy" to Cameron and director Nick Cassavetes because there are no two people on this planet who really know how to laugh and enjoy life like those two, so, it was very touching. I learned a lot from it and a lot of lessons I'll take onboard. It was just a great experience all around.

CD: For me as well, what Sofia said. We had a wonderful group of people, we had a great script that supported a really unbelievable dynamic with this family and it was wonderful to go and play those parts with one another. But it was really the people playing those parts who were the gift because we were such a good team.

We were such a strong team and everyone's so professional but everyone's such a good person as well — fun and who love to laugh and have a great time but also know how to go in and really do the work that needs to be done. I was in awe every day, let me tell you! I've been completely in awe of what Sofia was accomplishing every day as an actor, watching her grow.

From the day I met her, even today from three weeks ago since I saw her, and I'm sitting here going, "I'm just so proud of her" [laughs] just to see that wonderful growth. And the same with Abigail [Breslin, who plays Sofia's character's younger sister]. Watching Abigail, she's so powerful and she is so full of this deep, deep wisdom that she can access and bring forward in her parts, and such a love. Everybody was just so wonderful.

SV: To see them change and grow and take from them, it's great.

CD: In particular, this is one of those films that you can see that in. It's not in every film that happens, but particularly this film was that way.

What do you hope audiences get out of this?

CD: I think that there is so much to be taken out of this film. There is not one thing. There are so many human experiences that are represented in the film, which people — almost everyone — I'm sure everyone will be able to relate to at least one of those experiences, if not many. So I think that people are going to really see how you can not only be faced with death but also be living a full, loving life, even though that impending death is near you.

SV: I hope that people are moved and that they, sort of, take a step back and savour what they have around them. I think you can't watch the movie and not be moved in some way, shape or form.

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