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Anne Hathaway flips out over Australia

10:00 AEST Thu Mar 31 2011
Getaway sat down with Hollywood leading lady Anne Hathaway to talk about her packing tips, her new animated role in Rio, and just how she saw Sydney upside down...or did she?

What's your favourite vacation spot and why?
I haven't taken many vacations in the past few years. I've had lovely trips. I had a lovely trip to Istanbul recently, which I loved. I love going to Paris. It's not really what I consider a vacation spot, because when you vacate you really do, you unplug and all that ... I've just returned two days ago from the north of Ethiopia. I wasn't there for vacation but I imagine it would be a beautiful place to go travel to.

What's your number-one travel tip?
Well, if you're going on a plane, hydrate. That's the biggest thing because there is nothing worse than starting your trip feeling awful. My number-one travel tip is — I have one more. I'm just a wealth of knowledge. Whenever I try to pack, I try to only put things in my suitcase that go with a minimum of two other outfits so everything you put in your suitcase can be reused in at least three ways.

What do you never leave home without?
Passport and sunscreen.

What is your ultimate travel destination?
Some place I haven't been.

What's the best Australia travel experience you have ever had?
I was very generously treated to a boat ride around Sydney Harbour last time I was there. It's an amazing way to see Sydney, while doing a back flip off a boat. So I would say that was probably my greatest Australian travel experience.

What was the best thing about making Rio?
I lied, it wasn't a back flip. It was forward flip; I'm sorry. Um, people, when you're spending three years working on a project. And please, my contributions were minimal to the 300 animators working on this day in and day out for the past three years at Blue Sky. And the contributions of our director, Carlos Saldanha. But just getting to work with beautiful people. Just getting an opportunity to play a different character from a different part of the world and to get to hear it from a different perspective was lovely.

Where would you most like to live?
I'm loyal so I would have to say my home town of New York. But if I'm allowed to have two favourites: London.

User comments
I used to live in Jp and EVERYtime an american would be interviewed about something, (always of course close to them trying to sell something), they would say Japan is the most beautiful country in the world-- once I came back to Sydney for a moment and saw the exact same people saying that Oz is the most beautiful country in the world... can you ever remember a salesperson or anyone who was trying to get in your pocket telling you they don't like you or your country? Enough with the bs 2 faced compliments! Be honest and say you like the place or you liked something in particular- just cos the Americans are dumb enough to be fooled by flattery it's still insulting.
I couldn't agree more Ms Hathaway - New York & London are definitely my choices.

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