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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler: filming a movie in Oz?

10:00 AEST Thu Mar 24 2011
Two of the world's biggest movie stars, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, sat down with Getaway to talk about crashing Jennifer's Hawaii house while filming their new movie Just Go With It, hanging out with Nicole Kidman and the possibility of filming their next movie in Australia.

What was the best thing about making Just Go with It for both of you?

Jennifer:: Oh, just going to work every day. Honestly, really it was getting to be with this guy.

Adam: It was fun to teach someone to be good in a movie. It was fun to just, you know …

Jennifer: And it was good to learn you know, I needed it.

Adam: She needed the help in the acting and the dressing. I'd say, "What are you wearing, Jen Jen?" And she would say, "Oh, you don't like it?" And then I would say, "Come with me." And next thing you know, all nice shoes, little stockings, is that what they call those.

Jennifer: They call them pantyhose.

Adam: Do they still call them that?

Jennifer: Pantyhose, stockings, tights.

Adam: Whatever they are called I like it.

Jennifer: I don't know, they are not …

Adam: They're not grandma hose?

Jennifer: I don't know. I don't want to age myself.

Adam: My mother wears underwear and then pulls pantyhose on top of it. Is that how you do it?

Jennifer: Yeah, why would you think you put the underwear over the …

Adam: I just thought that you didn't wear underwear.

Jennifer: No, sometimes you do, it depends if it has a lining or not.

Adam: I like Spanx, I wear Spanx a lot. Spanx a lot.

Jennifer: Shut up. You do not wear Spanx.

What was the best thing about shooting in Hawaii?

Adam: She knows her Hawaii.

Jennifer: I know my Hawaii. I love Hawaii. We have friends that live on Hawaii and Kauai that I visit on vacation a lot so for me we were shooting in a place that I normally vacation in.

Adam: You didn't want to leave. I'll tell you that.

Jennifer: To go to work every day was just … You'd wake up and you see this … It was just insane. You had to pinch yourself.

Adam: Nicole [Kidman] came and she was so happy and nice and her parents came down and her husband.

Jennifer: And little Sunday Rose.

Adam: And little Sunday …

Jennifer: And Keith …

Adam: And her little baby was not there yet …

Jennifer: No, but it was probably [an idea] in the brain.

Adam: But, yeah no, it was pure happiness, pure happiness.

And you were in Kauai and Maui right?

Jennifer: Yeah, Maui for five weeks and then Kaui for two-and-a-half.

What are your favourite places on the islands?

Adam: Aniston's house in Kauai, we spent a lot of time there.

Jennifer:: This house that I rented the last time I was there, we rented, I rented again and they stayed at the hotel but they were always at my house. Everybody.

Adam: And we had a good time.

Jennifer: And the Adam stayed there for a week after.

Adam: After we wrapped I took the family and hung out there. Jennifer left little notes all around the house.

Jennifer: All around the house …

Adam: That said, try this, try that — all about the house.

Jennifer: But was the best note on your mirror.

Adam: What did you write?

Jennifer: I'm good enough. God darn it, Aniston loves me.

Adam: That's right, in lipstick.

Jennifer: In lipstick. I wrote the whole thing in lipstick. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, I'm funny enough and gosh darn it Jennifer Aniston loves me."

Adam: That's right.

Where is your favourite location spot?

Adam: I would like to surf in Australia right now.

Jennifer: I would love to go. I've only been there one time.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. I've been there two times.

Jennifer: Let's do our next movie there.

Adam: Someone mentioned that earlier. A fellow Australian said that we should go down and shoot a movie there. That would be amazing. If you guys can write the script.

Jennifer: If you don't mind.

Adam: It's on you. Or let Nicole write it. Tell her.

Jennifer: Yeah, she'll write it.

Adam: Tell Keith Urban to write it and a song.

Jennifer: We will sing it. A musical.

Adam: Yeah, I'll be there.

Jennifer: You're an amazing singer.

Adam: I can't.

Jennifer: Stop it! No, just say thank you.

But you've both been to Australia right?

Jennifer: Once.

In Sydney?

Jennifer: Sydney. Turtle boat ride. That was beautiful. We didn't have enough, we only had a lot, we only had a moment of downtime, and the people were so sweet.

Adam: How long were you there for?

Jennifer: Two days.

Adam: Pretty cool there yeah, nice people.

Jennifer: We went to beautiful Bondi Beach. There was a restaurant we went to. That was beautiful. What was it called?


Jennifer: Yeah, probably.

That's the one with the seafood, overlooking the water.

Jennifer: And there was a pool below where the water keeps coming. Yeah, that was beautiful.

Adam: I was just, when I was there I just stayed at Nicole's house, I was …

Jennifer: She didn't know that.

Adam: She wasn't aware of it but I kind of just laid in her bed.

Jennifer: But she seemed to be okay with it.

Adam: Actually Eric Bana threw me out.

Jennifer: He did?

Adam: Yeah, it was a weird thing. I was laying with Nicole and I was wearing some of her clothes and I was laying on her bed and I was …

Jennifer: And then Hugh Jackman drove you out.

Adam: Yeah, the Jackman came by, went bananas yelling but he couldn't physically do anything because he was holding his kid so he called Eric Bana up and he just beat living daylights out of me.

Jennifer: And then Russell [Crowe].

Adam: Oh then Russell. No, I went out for drinks with Russell after that. He got it. He understood what I was trying to do.

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