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Matthew McConaughey's smelly Aussie adventure

Matthew McConaughey's smelly Aussie adventure

09:30 AEST Thu Mar 17 2011
Matthew McConaughey tells Getaway about his favourite holiday spots, his new movie The Lincoln Lawyer and just why he ended up 'shovelling poop' on a trip to Australia.

What is your number-one vacation spot and why?
Matthew: My favourite vacation spot? I'm not going to be able to answer that as quick as you would like me to answer that one. Actually, our house, we were away from our home for eight months. We built our house in a heavenly place in Malibu and to come back to it and have it to ourselves (no workers or nothing) for two weeks, it felt like the ultimate vacation spot. We had the whole family there and we treated it that way. We said, "No work, we are going to lock the gates, we are going to spend it like a vacation." And it was.

What is your number-one travel tip?
Matthew: Pick a spot and don't have a return ticket. Best travel tip would be, go to a place long enough to where you feel like you could live there and then it's okay to come home. That means you give … the [place the] justice it deserves. You really get to know the locals, understand the people and understand the place. Stay there long enough so you could go, "I could do this." But you have to quit looking in the rear-view mirror on the trip because if you're there and you're like, "I need to go in a couple of days", you never really integrate, you know?

What is the number-one thing you can't leave home without when you are travelling?
Matthew: The number-one thing I never leave home without? Pen and paper [to write in a] journal; [noting] ideas, lyrics, poems, interesting things. That or a camera. But usually it's more pen and paper than a camera.

What have your travel experiences in Australia been like?
Matthew: I have been there a few times and I was there for a year once, six months another time and about four months another time. Last time we were there we did a trip, a road trip, from Port Douglas down to the Gold Coast. We took our time. We took a few days and we stopped and surfed along the way and had a really great time there.

[We] also sailed all around there and ended up in the [Great] Barrier Reef with a buddy of mine, and that was fun — it was a lot of fun. The furthest inland I've ever gone is Narrandera and I worked on a pea farm, shovelling poop and shelling peas for about three weeks. That was unexpected.

What was the best thing about this movie for you?
Matthew: Handling the situation, just trying to get out of the traps and thinking of the many ways I needed to get out of the traps that my character is in; which a lot of time was basic survival. A lot of it was being smart, knowing the job, being a good lawyer, knowing how to work the system. And then a lot of it was sheer gall and will and mettle and with some luck and joker up my sleeve.

This movie feels a bit like a throwback to a certain era. Can you describe the movie to people so they know what they are in for?
Matthew: Well, it's a legal thriller at its basic level and it asks a great question with the lead character, Mick. What happens if you're a defence attorney and you find out that you put an innocent man in jail four years ago; you just found out he was innocent. Not only that, you are now defending a guy who you find out is not only guilty of this crime but also of the crime four years ago.

What do you do? What you think you might do and should do, actually in the legal system, the judicial system, you cannot do. There are clients and attorney privileges that don't allow you to take the commonsense approach. How do you handle that? There are a lot of tricks and turns with that.

There is a lot of deal-making. There is a lot of rule-bending. There is a lot of shady stuff that goes on and you've gotta deal with a lot of shady characters along the way and hopefully you'll enjoy being in the back seat with Mick riding around in his mobile office.

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He actually went to my school back in 1988(Gorokan High on the Central Coast). I had to show him around to all the different depts and classes. He wore a big Texan hat and boots and all the girls and even some teachers had a thing for him.

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