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Celeb Getaway: Will Ferrell

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's your most prized possession or souvenir that you've ever bought on a trip?

Oh, that I've ever bought on a trip … let me think … Well, you know what, I bought, my last time to Sydney, I bought two lovely pairs of RM Williams boots, that kill my feet, they're terrible. How do you people wear those shoes? That's not a prized possession. No, I'm just kidding; I like my boots. I'm trying to think if I have a prized possession from a trip … Let's come back to it, I'll try to remember.

Okay, what's the most memorable place you've ever been lost?

Ever been lost? Um, probably the middle of the Sahara Desert.

What was that like?

It was terrifying, I was in the, ah, Paris-Dakar Rally, road race, and I took the wrong turn. And I was lost for like eight days.

Do you still have nightmares about it?

I still do, yeah. That's why I don't, I can't, drive to this day, yeah.

Where would you like to live most in this world?

Um, probably New Zealand, yeah.

Why's that?

Just 'cos it's so much better than Australia [laughs]. No, where would I? Let me think. I've never been to New Zealand. Where would I like to live, anywhere in the world? Um, maybe Hawaii. That's a nice place. Yeah. You're not convinced are you? Okay, okay.

Where are the best meals you've ever had travelling?

The best meal, um, ah let's see. I had a great meal in Budapest. It was, um, an entire pig's head covered in peanut butter. Now I know that sounds gross but it was delicious.

Okay, what's your number one tip to travelling to the pre-historic world?

Bring a lot of toilet paper, 'cos there's just, there isn't toilet paper. And ah, um, Band Aids. In case you cut yourself, right, that's just a sensible thing to bring, right? Sunscreen and lip balm, just, for some reason, in pre-historic land it's a dry heat so you get chapped lips.

What's one thing you'd wished you'd taken back with you?

In the Land of the Lost? Um, I wish I had, um, I wish I had taken a camera, even though we had a video camera. Well just a little instamatic just to ... just to record fun things.

What would you recommend people pack when travelling to the Land of the Lost?

Ah, beach towel, um, a set of utensils, scissors, scotch tape, um, and ah, just something fun to wear for evenings like a poncho or a sundress. And comfortable shoes, right? You always have to, whenever you travel ... you should bring a pair of comfortable shoes.

What was the best thing about making this movie for you?

The money [laughs].

Other than the money?

Oh, okay. Um, the best thing about making this movie, it was a different type of movie for me, I hadn't gotten ... to do this kind of adventure kind of action movie like this before. So it was a challenge, and a kind of fun thing to test myself with.

What was it like playing the character of Dr Rick Marshall?

It was fun, it was fun. It was the first time I've played kind of a scientist, a "smart" guy character in a way.

Rick Marshall?

Yeah, it was fun to play a guy who was kind of in charge and has to save the day and use his intellect to figure out how to get back to civilisation.

Did you have to do any studying for this role?

I probably did, but I didn't. No, I just used my incredible acting ability to convince the audience that I knew what I was talking about.

You did a great job.

Thank you. I seemed convincing right?

Yes, very convincing. Name three people you'd like to take with you if you were stranded on a deserted island.

Oh, three people just in general? It doesn't matter? I would take, ah, I'd probably take my dad 'cos he's good, he's fun, he's just fun to have around ... and um, I would probably take the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, just to get fashion tips. Find out where he buys those crazy sunglasses he likes to wear. My third person, probably um, Ricky Martin, pop sensation Ricky Martin just to entertain us.

What is your most prized possession you've picked up on a trip?

The most prized possession I ever collected from a trip, um, I went to visit the pyramids in Egypt and I actually took part of the stone of one of the pyramids and then I was arrested ... So for that moment of time it was my most prized possession.

How long did you have it for?

Like three minutes, but those three minutes I was like this is going to be so great when I get back home.

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