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Nicole Kidman's cures for jetlag

11:00 AEST Thu Feb 10 2011
As she wows the critics with her Academy Award-nominated role in Rabbit Hole (which she also produced), Nicole Kidman reveals her secrets to beating jetlag, and names her favourite travel spots around the world and Oz.

What is your number one vacation spot and why?
NICOLE: I think, I love being on a boat so, anywhere you can go on a boat so I love the Bahamas. I'm a big boat person, but I wouldn't mind going to Capri in Italy as well.

Not Bad.
NICOLE: Not bad.

What is your number one travel tip?
NICOLE: Try to not take too much luggage. If you can take on bag per person because you don't need half the stuff you take...right? Am I right?

You're right. Do you have any other rituals that you do when you travel, like things that you do for jet lag or for comfort?
NICOLE: Ah I take melatonin for jet lag. I'm not sure if it works but it kind of has a placebo effect...oh when I get there I try to, if there's sunlight, I try to push through the day, that's one of my other jetlag tricks. Don't go to sleep!

What's one thing you never leave home without when you travel?
NICOLE: little clock because I like to see the time, and even though I change it to the time of whatever country I am in, I still like to, because when ever I wake up in the middle of the night I press the top button of my travel clock, so I'm a big travel clock person.

What is your favourite Australian travel adventure you've ever had?
NICOLE: The Kimberley, it's just phenomenal and breathtaking and I still remember that place as so magical (VIEW PICTURES: Where Nicole and Hugh filmed Australia).

Is there a list of places that you would still like to go to?
NICOLE: Africa, I've never been to Africa, so I would love to go on safari in Africa but, I want to wait until Sunday Rose is a little bit older so she can come. I have travelled to most places in the world and I have seen many things but umm...and I constantly go back to Italy because it's my, it's kind of like my place that I hold in such high regard and I've had the best holidays there and I love the food.

So where is the strangest place in the world that you've seen your own poster or project?

NICOLE: Oh right...I don't know, I can't remember. I'm always surprised when I go to India and people know who I am. I find that really kind of strange and when I go through Asia and such, because it seems like such a big world and I'm like gosh how do they know who I am...and I was just in China, in Beijing and they knew who I was there and so I always find that astounding actually.

Alright, well we'll get back to this film now.
NICOLE: No, these are good questions. I like this!

What was the best thing about making this movie for you?
NICOLE:That it was...that I feel like it's an important film. That even though it's an intimate film that it's a big film in the sense of what it's dealing with. To get it made was such a hard thing. It took so long to raise the money and to convince people, but strangely enough we got our director and actors like that, because I think they just, when you read something good, you know it's good you know, and it's so well written.

So what would you tell people to make them want to see the movie versus have to see the movie?
NICOLE: That it's about love and it's about hope and that it actually in the strangest way it takes you on a rollercoaster but you come out feeling alive and feeling so grateful to be alive.

Rabbit Hole is in cinemas from Thursday, February 17.

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User comments
I loved your interview with Nicole. I'm looking forward to seeing "Rabbit Hole" as soon as I can. I don't know what it's about. I guess it must be OK if Nicole got nominated for best actress.

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