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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's buff-body travel tips

12:00 AEST Thu Feb 3 2011
Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock", has travelled the world as a champion pro wrestler and movie star of films like Walking Tall, The Scorpion King and Tooth Fairy. Getaway chats with the buff star about Hawaii, his new movie Faster and his PG and X-rated travel tips...

Let's start with your favourite vacation spot and why?
D: It would have to be probably Hawaii, I grew up in Hawaii and I love going back. It's the energy the spirit of Hawaii, it's what's called "Aloha spirit"; it permeates the island, all the islands of Hawaii. So I love going back and plus it's always so warm and it's family, it's home.

Do you have a number one travel tip?
D: [When] you land you gotta work out right away— that's what happens when you travel — [it's] the best time to work out to help your body adjust to whatever time zone your in. You land, you eat something and you go to the gym or some sort of activity...whether it's hiking, bicycling, whatever it is, that's the key. There are many keys, some X-rated some R-rated — we keep it PG around here.

Is there one thing you never leave home without when you travel?
D: moral compass.

Better than an iPod?
D: My moral compass, because I used to leave it at home!

And you've been to Australia?
D: I love Australia.

What's your favourite travel experience in Oz?
D: Well you know, honestly for me I'm really boring. When I travel, I like to keep things really simple, simple core. I just like to eat with friends and work out and that's about it. So for me every time I go to Australia there's great food, great gyms and you know I like to hunt, hunting is wonderful in Australia.

Where do you go hunting in Australia?
D: All over, two-legged dear there everywhere!

You had me !
D: Ha yeah, I know let me pull this out of the toilet.

And do you have an ultimate travel destination, like the top place on your list you've never been?
D: Let's see, no place that I haven't been I've pretty much been everywhere I want to go, so no not really. Again I go back to just keeping it simple core, but a lot of times honestly for me travelling just becomes a thing, because it requires a lot of set up for me. Where am I going to go, hotel prior, somebody's calling the hotel you know so it becomes a thing, so often times the best vacation for me is my house.

So this movie is...
D: Who cares — let's just keep talking about travelling!

What was the best thing about making Faster?
D: The experience of making something you know hopefully audiences are going to be entertained with, that's it, that's the best part about it. Like with all movies by the way that's the way I look at it.

And for people who don't know anything about it how would you describe the movie?
D: I would describe the movie as a well-written character-driven action movie, a throwback if you will, just in terms of there's movies like Unforgiven that we reference, not in the movie but we referenced as the writers were writing it. Unforgiven, No Country for Old Men, The Good the Bad and the Ugly — where characters mattered, and in this case we made a good one. Australia's going to love it.

Thankyou we hope so.
D: You're welcome.

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