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Seth Rogen: "don't let those airlines screw ya"

10:00 AEST Thu Jan 27 2011
We all know Seth Rogen from movie hits like Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, and his new 3D superhero flick, The Green Hornet. Getaway sits down with the funnyman to find out his top travel tips, favourite holiday spots, and just why he hates airlines.

So let's start with your favourite vacation spot and why?
Seth: I went to Bora Bora recently which was pretty nice, I have to say pretty unbelievably beautiful over there and the people are really nice. And there is this ceviche that they give you everywhere that was quite delicious.

So what's your number one travel tip?
Seth: My number one travel tip, man don't let those airlines screw ya that's my travel tip. Airlines are the worst; cover your arse because those guys are bastards. Hate the airlines, and then if they screw ya it doesn't matter, you can't complain, because they are the only ones with aeroplanes. You can't go fly on someone else's aeroplanes because they’re the only ones who have aeroplanes so they can kind of do whatever they want to you pretty brutal.

Is there one thing you never leave home without when you travel?
Seth: Ah no, what's funny is I always forget, I'm so forgetful I always forget things I'm at the point where as long as I have my passport with me I feel like I can go anywhere. I can get everything else where I am, I can forget everything and you’ll be ok you really need your passport.

You're not one of these people that have a lucky pillow or an Ipod?
Seth: No I don't have any of that stuff.

Do you have a favourite place that you've never been always wanted to go?
Seth: I heard to promote this movie I get to go to Moscow in the winter, I don't know if the winter is exactly when I wanted to go to Moscow but I’m excited to go there. It just seems awesome over there.

So you've been to Australia?
Seth: I have a few times.

And what's your favourite travel experience there?
Seth: Me and my girlfriend went to Lizard Island off the Great Barrier Reef and that is one of the most beautiful, that is in heavy competition with Bora Bora I would say. I was in Bora Bora more recently but Lizard Island is one of the most amazing places I have ever been also.

Seth: It's just amazing it's so small, there's not a lot of rooms on the hotel they have there, and they have little boats you can go around and find your own little private beach it's just incredible and the snorkelling is unbelievable it's unlike anything I've ever seen, I've never seen that many fish anywhere so it's pretty amazing.

Talking about The Green Hornet, what was the best thing about making this movie for you?
Seth: Honestly me and my writing partner Evan have just always been comic book fans, we've always wanted to make a movie like this ever since we started writing we talked about what, what would be our version of this type of movie and it's so amazing that we actually found one that we liked and wrote it and do a version that we liked and they actually made it into a movie that we liked so, for me it's just exciting that we finally got to do it.

And what do you think people are going to like about The Green Hornet?
Seth: I hope they just really like the characters more then anything, I mean the action is awesome and the story is cool, but I think the thing that will probably really set it apart is the dynamics between the characters and the relationships and the idea of these two guys have to work out their relationship in order to become heroes. To me that is what I find interesting in a movie.

Read MovieFIX's review of The Green Hornet here. There's also a behind-the-scenes interview with Cameron Diaz and session times.

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