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Celeb Getaway: Sam Worthington

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's your favourite vacation spot and why?

Well, I've been working constantly and I consider the job I do to be a vacation to be honest. You know, we travel to exotic places to film, we're pretty damn lucky! When we filmed Terminator Salvation we were in Albuquerque [New Mexico]. It's the home of green chilli and weaving and, you know, they're a good bunch of people.

Where else would you like to go back to visit?

I liked Hungary. I didn't realise [the capital of] Hungary was [once two cities], Buda and Pest, split by the Danube. And I like the fact that you can ... What's it called? Goulash; I like eating that so it was all good.

With all the travelling you're doing, what's your number-one travel tip?

Go the toilet before you get on a big flight because to do anything, kind of, substantial in those little cubicles, um, is pretty darn difficult.

That's the best one I've heard so far!

What's the one thing you never leave home without?

Er, my sense of humour.

You've been around Australia a lot. What are some of your favourite travel experiences in your own country?

I travelled around Australia extensively when I was younger. My dad threw me out of the house and said get to Cairns and work your way back. And along the way you realise that Australians are extremely down-to-earth, they don't take any bulls--t from you. And everywhere from Ceduna to Melbourne to Monkey Mia to Surfers Paradise that ... we are what we are, and that's what makes us a great nation.

What's your ultimate travel destination?

Yeah, I wanted to go to Iceland once. I typed it into the computer wrong and I ended up going to Ireland. I fell in love with the Emerald Isle, but I've always now wanted to go to Iceland. I want to go to Reykjavík, mainly 'cos I can't f--king spell it!

So, what was the highlight, making Terminator Salvation?

The best thing is, you know, you're making a summer blockbuster where you're being chased by, you know, a multitude of Terminators, Hydrobots, Harvesters, T-600s, T-800s and Moto-Terminators. You get to do it next to Christian Bale, who is Batman, and with [director] McG, who likes to make exciting visceral fun movies.

And how do you approach playing a half-robot, half-human?

I approached the character as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. It's a guy who wakes up and has to go on the Yellow Brick Road to Oz, which is Skynet. Along the way he meets John Connor, Kyle Reese, who gives him his heart, his spirit and his courage, and the flying monkeys are the machines. Simple as that!

For people who are familiar with the Terminator franchise, how is this film different from the others?

If the first movie is a great horror movie and the second is an amazing action movie and the third is a romp, then this is the war film that we have been waiting to see. It's like Blackhawk Down meets Mad Max. And hopefully in this cannon of films, we stand up with the rest of them.

What was your favourite location?

Well, we built on a lot of sets but the best locations would have to be the ones that get blown up all the time. You know, McG's very ... He wanted everything to be tangible, so he would throw grenades at us and explode the world. You know, that's like a five-year-old kid [playing at] running through minefields. Big boys with big toys, you know, I like all that. That's part of the fun of making a movie like this.

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