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Why Justin Timberlake doesn't find Perth sexy

09:00 AEST Thu Nov 11 2010
Getaway sat down with Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield, stars of The Social Network, to talk about their favourite holiday spots and their new movie.

What's your number-one vacation spot and why?

Andrew: I'm just trying to think.

Justin: There really are so many. I am a foodie so my favourite vacation spots are anywhere in Italy, anywhere in France. But I did enjoy Brisbane very much [and] ... I did enjoy Perth as well. Actually, when I was there ... it was the season, you guys had a lot of flies. I'm not going to lie to you. There were a lot of flies. That wasn't sexy at all. Ah Positano [Italy], that was an amazing place. The Bahamas, the Caribbean.

Andrew: I like Hawaii very much.

Justin: Hawaii?

Andrew: I'll just stick to Hawaii. I had a lovely time there. I met my girlfriend a week before and we did a very rash trip to Hawaii and worked out fine, thankfully.

Justin: There you go. He only likes Hawaii.

Andrew: Just, I have only ever been to Hawaii.

What do you never leave home without when you travel?

Andrew: A good book, a good book and um ...

Justin: I have this fear that my luggage is never going to make it so I always travel with an [extra] pair of underwear [with me].

Andrew: Cool.

Justin: So there's that. Go see The Social Network.

What was the best part of making The Social Network?

Justin: This conversation about Hawaii and his girlfriend. No ... two reasons and quite, quite honestly: David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin. I mean Aaron wrote such an amazing screenplay. We all came into the project and we really saw these characters and their relationship. It's because of the rehearsal process and the process that David really spent the time talking to us about it.

The specificity of his direction is just peerless and it's really an experience that I highly recommend. It's physically taxing but it's so creatively rewarding. So that was it for me. And also getting to play with, you know, amazing actors and actors that I admire and respect. All the elements felt like they were in alignment when we were being creative so it was a lot of fun.

Andrew: I mean, what an amazing story, and I think that was like, what an incredible story that we got to delve into and get mucky. You know, it's just really rich and it's just got ... all the elements that you really want ... It makes you feel like you've got a purpose, you know ... We've always needed stories since the dawn of time and since the Greeks invented tragedy... This feels like one of those stories that's in line with those historical texts and that's just Aaron. He's one of those writers of our generation, of our time I think, one of the great ones.

User comments
I think you will find he said that the flies weren't sexy- not Perth (which he said he enjoyed).. You have to love the media - why let the context of the words get in the way of a not so good new story...
You're not missing much by missing Perth
Justin said he enjoyed Perth, it was the flies he didn't find sexy. Don't find a reason to bag Perth guys ... that is not sexy at all!
He says flies aren't sexy, not Perth isn't sexy! Sydney and Melbourne are just jealous they didn't get a mention. Perth is the best!
I must say, having lived in the city and the country, the city doesn't seem to have many flies at all! the country is sooo bad i hate it lol. Everyone should get a fly trap! because if we don't do something to stop them they will get worse and worse each year! and who wants that?! GROSS!

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