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Celeb Getaway: Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's start with your favourite vacation spot and why?

Matthew: Favourite vacation spot?
Jennifer: Yours is gonna be exotic.
Matthew: I've got some good spots, man. I mean everything from locally from Tucson, Arizona, to parts of Africa to parts of Peru and the Amazon, to Byron Bay and parts of New South Wales and Port Douglas over there in Australia. I've got a little spot in Southern California, I'm not going to tell you about but it's real close to here.
Jennifer: You're not going to tell me about it?
Matthew: I'm not going to say to you on camera.
Jennifer: Oh, okay.
Matthew: But it's a nice spot.
Jennifer: Okay. 'Cos that wouldn't be nice otherwise.
Matthew: Well, I don't want to give it away.
Jennifer: I get it. I thought you meant you weren't going to tell me ever.
Matthew: I don't want more people coming. I'll tell you but I don't want more people coming to that spot.
Jennifer: Okay, alright, I get it.
Matthew: What about you? What's your favourite spot?
Jennifer: Mine all pretty much took place on a sailboat. My parents are big sailors ... So, the San Juan Islands [Washington state] ... Mediterranean, Turkey ... the Islands off Maine, the Bahamas, Caribbean. Anywhere you're on a boat.
Matthew: I didn't know you were such a big boat person. You love boats, ha?
Jennifer: Yeah, we grew up sailing, all over. They're on a boat right now. They have been for months and months and months.
Matthew: Yeah?
Jennifer: Ah-ha.

So, each of you, what's your number one travel tip?

Matthew: Number one travel tip? That's a good question, that's a real good question, um ...
Jennifer: Expect a disaster. Don't you think? There will be so you might as well enjoy it.
Matthew: I'm gonna use a good sailing metaphor I heard the other day. It said "You know you are going to get hit, its just a question of how bad you're gonna get hurt." Whether it's robbed or an injury or medical or something, something will go. But that's also always the time ...
Jennifer: That's what you talk about later.
Matthew: It's like the ghost in this movie. You get shaken up until, all of a sudden, the trip doesn't become about you and it becomes like a history lesson.
Jennifer: I guess we are looking for that need to survive on a trip.
Matthew: I know what my lesson is, my travel tip: stay in a place long enough 'til you feel that you could live there. And then it's okay to come home. Jennifer, do you have one?
Jennifer: I already did mine, mine was expect disaster. [Laughs]

What would you never leave home without? One thing, if there is one thing.

Matthew: My scrolls, a book.
Jennifer: Mine was lip balm but now I feel shallow.
Matthew: That was pretty good. Lip balm's good. I'll be sunburnt with some good stuff to read. She'll be sitting there going, "blah blah blah."
Jennifer: Right. I don't want to be chapped, it's like half my face.
Matthew: You'll find something to read over there.
Jennifer: Okay.

Have you been to Australia, Jen?

Jennifer: No. My parents went last year for three months. I would love to go.

I know that you have, Matthew. I was just wondering if you had a favourite travel experience in Australia or one that you would have wanted to have?

Matthew: I've driven up and down that east coast. I've been to Queensland and New South Wales. I've been interior. I've worked 11 different jobs over there. Lived with many different families ... The Great Barrier Reef was really exciting.
Jennifer: I'd like to go to the Barrier Reef.
Matthew: It's a pretty amazing spot.

What was the best thing about making Ghost of Girlfriends Past?

Jennifer: We had an awfully nice time.
Matthew: Yeah, but we can give a better answer than that.
Jennifer: Go ahead.
Matthew: [Laughs.] What was the best thing about making this movie?
Jennifer: Right, I already caught that on lip balm.
Matthew: Alright, so there are simple things like (not every movie) you so look forward to coming to work every day. That's a simple thing.
Jennifer: Lots of different things were asked for this movie.
Matthew: Yeah, it was, like, different. It was what you were looking forward to. One day you have romance, the next day it was like fall on your arse comedy. The next day it was, okay you're in this scene and you're a ghost and no-one can see you and you're irrelevant even though you're trying to be relevant.
Jennifer: It was also great being in Boston.
Matthew: Yeah, Boston was a great spot. That's a great destination. Boston is a great spot in America. It's got a real identity for a city that's such a small city.
Interview by: Jenny Cooney, TV Week Hollywood Correspondent.
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