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Celeb Getaway: Reece Witherspoon

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let's start with your favourite vacation spot and why.

Gosh, vacation, what's that? I think … I've been to Turks and Caicos before in the Caribbean and that was really beautiful. But I get to travel for work a lot and like to go to Paris and places like that.

What's your number one travel tip?

Pack light. You can always buy something there if you have to, if its an emergency, but my mother always said to me if you can't pack it. If you can't carry it, don't pack it.

That's funny. Julia Roberts just said that to me last week.

Really. You've got to teach your kids that too because when your kids start carrying so many things you have to tell them they have to have one bag and they have to carry it.

What's the one thing when you're travelling you never leave home without?

Let me see, I don't carry a lot of stuff with me … I pack two pairs of blue jeans, that's it. And comfortable shoes, 'cos you're always walking around.

Have you been to Australia?


What was your favourite travel experience in Australia?

I got to see an opera. I got to see La Boheme [directed] by Baz Luhrmann and the Sydney Opera House which was pretty amazing. Very cool.

And one place you've never been and always wanted to go?

I want to go to China, I've never been to China. I think it would be very interesting. I want to see the Great Wall and see the people, it's a culture I don't know a lot about.

And what was the best thing about this movie for you?

This movie was just a great experience. I got to travel all over the world and talk to people about this movie. We went to Berlin and Madrid and Paris and Rome and London. And it's been a great opportunity to be a part of a film that doesn't have the restriction of language, so it really reaches a very wide audience.

And what was your favourite thing about playing this particular character?

Well, she's just this awesome superhero, you know. She gets to kind of save the world and save herself, so, she's a very modern girl.

Do you particularly like doing voice characters?

Yeah, I think it's a great liberation as an actor to not feel confined by your own body or your hair or make-up or your wardrobe you get to be very free to be as silly as you want to be … so that's kind of fun. You don't get that opportunity to be even bigger than you are normally.

Do you have a cure for jetlag?

Gosh I wish I did, I don't, no. It's just sleep. You've got to just sleep when you can.

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