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<i>The Expendables</i> star Sylvester Stallone

The Expendables star Sylvester Stallone

10:00 AEST Thu Aug 12 2010

So what was your favourite thing about shooting The Expendables in Brazil?
You might say the fact that we could just blow the place up and no-one minded. I said "We're going to do a little thing on the dock I hope you don't mind" and when they saw the flames it was "Oh my god". That's why we picked this little village — we're going to blow this entire city up. And they said "Okay, how bad could it be", and I was like "You'll see". They weren't expecting that but were very nice and they took us to the airport and kicked us out. It was great, very sweet.

What's your favourite vacation spot?
Right now you can't go wrong with Hawaii, but I hate that sometimes it just gets too crowded. Have been to Mexico too many times, so right now, Jesus, that's a good question. I'm going to have to say on a boat somewhere off the coast of something. You can't go wrong with a boat, you know what I mean. If you get bored, [you can] move on, thank you very much.

When you travel is there one thing you never leave home without?
I never leave home without the family because they will remind me of it. I have three daughters so were kinda, like it's me and the three little bears. Can't leave them behind.

You've been practically everywhere, is there any place left on your wish list?
I haven't been back to New Zealand. I like that a lot. I loved to go see some wilderness because that's fast disappearing. I'd like to go down and see the oil spill I'm sure that's interesting. Joke. I mean, my God, please, that was handled so poorly. And I guess maybe down your neck of the woods. Can you make the flight a little shorter? Can we get a faster plane? That's the ticket. They should have never taken the Concorde away. That was the greatest, it really was.

So what was the best thing about making this movie?
Just having a pulse at the end of it ... Being alive. Because, I swear to you, it was brutal. People think "Oh well, every actor says it was really scary." There's no wire in this, no mats, no cover-up ... it is what it is. But more than anything else I loved taking a bunch of broken-face misfits ... There's nobody pretty in this movie. There's nobody who is going to be a handsome vampire in this movie. So I just truly enjoyed having the company of men and trying to do a film, that in the end it's a woman, saving a woman who is as tough as we are.

[Gisele Itié] actually got water boarded in this movie for real, I mean that's how tough this girl is. She had never done a movie before, a Brazilian actress, she did her own stunts and I wanted to show some of the atrocities we have heard so much about. You know, water boarding this and that, we actually used it. Eric Roberts, the bad guy, does it. So it was truly an experience. I'd love to try it again but I don't know if we could ever duplicate it because it's one of those things that just happen, but at least it happened on my watch and I'm really happy.

I thought it was great.
You know when it all comes together like on the last day, you know why didn't it happen on the first day when we're just starting to get rolling? And that final scene, which I'm putting in the director's cut, when we all finally have to walk away which is not in the film, it was kind of sad. It really is.

You know when you do like an easy film, you go "Okay, see you round. We're going to be close, you call me for dinner?" Of course, you never call each other, it never happens, there are very few friendships among actors because they tend to migrate. This was goddamn, every one of these guys I'm still tight with. I think they are expendables now, we just have to give them the tattoo permanently.

User comments
LOl -i just love guy. Always have. Ever since Rocky. He is being totally himself in this interview. Very genuine. Which, these days, is very rare for a star.

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