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Celeb Getaway: Julia Roberts and Clive Owen

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We'll start off with some really fun, quick travel questions and then talk about the movie, Duplicity. Don't tell us the secret places you go because then everyone will know.

Clive Owen: No, we wouldn't do that.
Julia Roberts: I only have four secret places.

Well, let's start with one then. What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

Julia: Oh goodness, well I don't know, maybe Italy, we love Italy. Lots of good food.
Clive: France, I'm very keen on France.

And you guys travel a lot; what's your number one travel tip?

Julia: Well my mother always said to me, never pack more than you can carry yourself, and I think that's a very good tip.

I like that one.

Julia: Yeah.
Clive: Don't drink alcohol on the plane [laughs].
Julia: Nobody ever does not do that.
Clive: I'm telling ya, it's not good for you, it's not good for you, Julia, I've discovered. You get dehydrated.
Julia: You've discovered?! [lots of laughing]
Clive: You get dehydrated and you feel terrible when you get off.
Julia: Just have a drink and a glass of water.
Clive: You like to drink on a plane?
Julia: No, I'm just saying if one did, you should alternate.
Clive: Okay.

What's the one thing the both of you never leave home without when you travel?

Julia: Well, God there's so many things. What would you say? Your passport?
Clive: Socks.
Julia: I love it, I feel like this is a game show.

Have either of you been to Australia?

Julia: Yes.
Clive: Yes.

Did you have a favourite travel experience in Australia?

Clive: I just shot [The Boys Are Back in Town] in Adelaide for a few months and went to Kangaroo Island, which was fantastic. There's a beautiful hotel on that island.
Julia: What's it called?
Clive: I'm trying to think now; I've forgotten the name of it. But you'll know it; it's a new hotel on Kangaroo Island that is one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in.
Julia: Are you saying Kangaroo Island?
Clive: What do you think I'm saying? [both laugh] What? [more laughing]
Julia: I don't know whether you're saying "kangaroo" or "kangoo" … Which, now that I say it out loud, makes no sense.
Clive: Are you trying to say my diction's bad? [slurs] I like going to Kangaroo Island. [more laughing]

Julia, what was yours?

Julia: This is only our third interview and look what's happening.
Clive: Yeah, it's not good.
Julia: Er, gosh I was there. I was 16, it's a little bit of a blur, but I remember some naughty street that people kept hanging off the balconies, and women whistling … Do you know what street that is?

Probably in Kings Cross?

Julia: Yes, that's it

Not that I've been there.

Clive: A naughty street?
Julia: Right, its prostitutes?

Yeah, the red light district.

Julia: Yep, a naughty street.
Clive: It's a very cute word for it.

Not something we should be promoting on national television.

Julia: Well hey, it's your country!

But if that's what you remember…

Julia: I'm sure we have a naughty street here somewhere.

What was the best thing about Duplicity for the both of you?

Julia: Yeah, teamwork …
Clive: Woo.
Julia: Right?

Who heard about it from whom first?

Julia: He called me; it's all his fault.
Clive: I called her and begged her to do it.

And why did you guys both want to do this so much?

Julia: Well, Tony Gilroy is a really smart guy. He had made Michael Clayton, which I think was brilliant, and he wrote a really great piece about characters. Had this great dialogue and these great ideas and you know, that doesn't come along very often.

Clive, how about you?

Clive: It was the same; I mean it's always the same things. It's always script and director and in this case it was a really brilliant brilliant script. And er, Michael Clayton was probably one of the best film debuts I've ever seen from a director, really. [Michael Clayton] was incredibly assured and smart … So [Duplicity] was … definitely [something I] wanted to do.

You guys got to yell at each other a lot right?

Julia: We love that.
Clive: And we laughed as well.

Thank you so much you're such good sports.

Clive: Thanks.

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