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Diane Lane
Diane Lane

Celeb: Diane Lane

Thursday, September 29, 2005

This week we catch up with Diane Lane and talk about travel and her movie Must love dogs.

Q: What's your number one travel tip?

A. It's funny you should say that because I'm always full of dichotomies, so I'd say, well, you must hydrate. But then you have to go to the bathroom every five minutes, so I don't know — I really don't know.

Q: Ultimate travel experience?

A: I'm not a cold weather person. I have low blood pressure. I get goose bumps at the drop of a hat, so I like beaches. I love the ocean. I would take a nice chunk of time — let's say three months — and I would go away with my husband. The kids are invited too if they can keep up. I want to go camping, horseback riding and hiking. I tried surfing recently. It was a disaster. I'm going to give it a third try then I'm out. It's not a mid-life crisis.

Q: Favourite travel experiences in Australia?

A. It's shocking to me the amount of power in the waves out there. You can't just stroll out into the waves in Sydney.

Q: What's the best thing about your character in Must Love Dogs?

A. Sarah is trapped into online dating by her family, in a nutshell. And it's great fodder for comedy because it's so humiliating but it's funny.

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