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Celeb Getaway: Will Smith

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What is your favourite vacation spot and why?

It depends. If it's a short vacation, you know I'll just pop from Los Angeles into Miami or something like that; I love how Miami feels. But if I have a little bit more time there's a group of islands called Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean that are fantastic.

What's your number one travel tip?

Keep underwear in your carry-on. Do not leave all of your underwear in your [checked-in] luggage — gotta have it in your carry-on.

So what do you never leave home without when you travel?

Probably my iPod. That can get you through a lot of difficult travel times.

Where's your ultimate travel destination?

Bali. My wife and I are going to go there this year.

Why Bali?

Just it always looks fantastic in the pictures and they always put special music in the commercials and it's like "Oh, that's beautiful. I wanna go there".

What was your favourite travel experience in Australia?

We were in Sydney and we drove a few hours north and that was at the Gold Coast. It was just really beautiful and the vegetation and everything was so different from the United States. I had a beautiful time there, there's a fantastic golf course and that was the first time I ever touched golf clubs.

What was the best part about this movie for you?

The advances in technology so we could actually shoot the special effects things in real-time with real cameras not like I, Robot. With I, Robot we had to shoot each scene three times that had special effects in it so that was sort of wearing me out. With this one, because of those advances we were able to shoot and were able to create real-time in the moment — real acting and all of that — and then they would do the special effects later. So that was a wonderful advance that made it easier to capture performances in this movie.

What sort of superhero is Hancock?

Hancock is a superhero, he's a bit of a drinker and has a little bit of a problem with it that he's trying to get over. The people don't really like him. He refuses to wear a suit; no superhero suit. He thinks that's really corny, he doesn't really like it. The story is about him starting to get his life together and embrace the true calling of the gifts he has.

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