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Celeb Getaway: Rob Schneider

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Have you been to Australia?

I have been twice. I've got a good buddy of mine from down there, Nino Peeler from Adelaide. Nino Peeler from Adelaide — it's nice to talk to him, he's a nice man. And I'm a big fan of Russell Crowe, the only real leading man we've had in 30 years. For me, George Clooney — no; Russell Crowe — yes, and he's angry. I love that about him. Whenever he's throwing anything, I'm like, "Good for you man!". There's probably a reason why — the person probably pissed him off [so] he should throw something. Russell Crowe, you can throw anything you want at me, I'm all for it buddy. I'm a huge fan.

Well let's start with your favourite vacation spot and why?

I would say Barcelona [and] Madrid because the food's great; the people are nice. The food, the wines — amazing, and the clubs don't even start until three. It's amazing and they sleep in the afternoons there and the people are beautiful; I love that. Australia — Sydney's not too bad either and Melbourne's got some nice places to shop. I got all my clothes, unfortunately, when I was skinny and in Melbourne so none of the suits fit me anymore.

What was your favourite travel experience around Australia?

Well Sydney, I really loved it. I didn't really get a chance to travel around. I'm going to go to Adelaide — they've got a movie that I'm going to do, The Big Stand, a show down there. But Sydney's just great. I just love to walk, and I know it's all touristy but I like Bondi Beach [and] Michael Keaton told me how to do an Australian accent. The thing about an Australian accent is you never move your upper lip. I've kind of blown it now, but I hope he's not mad at me anymore because we had a little bit of a falling out there for a bit, for an hour. Michael, I love you. By the way, that lawsuit — they were suing for Chuck and Larry — they dropped the lawsuit [and] there was no mention of it in the Australian press. We got sued for something that was not true; there was a movie that blah, blah, blah, but anyway, there was no mention of it in the Australian press. The lawsuit was dropped so I think I'll just mention that now.

What's your number one travel tips since you travel so much?

Can we talk about the movie?

Yeah I'm getting to it.

Alright, alright, my number one travel tip: don't lose your passport, especially when you're travelling in Burma. That's all I've got.

So what was the best thing about making this movie?

In Australia?

I don't think you shot this one in Australia.

What was the best thing about making it? Well it's just working with Adam again. I really worked hard on, you know, getting my character down, but seeing him worried like, "Am I pulling this off?" was the cutest thing you know. He's the highest-paid actor in the world [so] for him to worry, "I'm not going to pull this off", it's kind of fun. This challenged him and that was cool and the physicality of it, you know, he really had fun. I've never seen him have more fun in a movie, and he's had fun in a lot of movies, so this was a treat.

It would have been fun for you, too. I mean, this isn't your usual role right?

No; playing a Palestinian cab driver. I know I get typecast a lot but that was a stretch. I enjoyed that. I hope people in Australia liked it.

I think they will, especially Russell Crowe

I hope so, I love him. I'm a huge fan.

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