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Celeb Getaway: Susan Sarandon and John Goodman

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's your favourite vacation spot and why?

John: My favourite vacation spot would be — I want to go back to Australia; I love Sydney and Broken Hill. [I've had] splendid times back there so if producers are watching from Australia, hire me.
Susan: We had great family vacations in Bali. [We've had] extended vacations in Bali, which [were] different, and a week in Morocco, which we really, really liked. I'm Italian and anytime we can go back … I mean, I love Rome and I love the cities, but all the little villages … I'm Sicilian and my family's from Ragusa so we go there.
John: We go to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.
Susan: Bali just has the most beautiful, beautiful culture and …
John: How's the Italian food in Bali?
Susan: Not good.

So you're both veteran travellers. What would you say your number one travel tip is?

John: Packing. Pack lightly … and bring your own toilet paper.
Susan: I would bring acidophilus for the kids if we we're going some place where — why are you laughing at acidophilus? It's not acid, it's acidophilus. You know, to keep them together in case they've eaten strange foods and things.

What do you both never leave home without when you travel?

Susan: Passport.
John: I washed mine when I came home from Berlin … I left it in the back seat of my jeans and I threw it right in the [washing machine].
Susan: Do you have a new one now?
John: Yeah, I did. I had to get one … PDQ [pretty darn quick].
Susan: See how important it is? You have to watch that passport.
John: No, they're not washable, American passports aren't.
Susan: And a photocopy of your passport in case something happens. That way you can get another one while you're away.
John: Don't carry small arms in your carry-on luggage.
Susan: Drugs.
John: Drugs.
Susan: Keep the drugs at home.
John: Or in your system.

Do you have an ultimate travel destination, both of you?

Susan: China.
John: I've never been to Hawaii.
Susan: You could visit Maddie.
John: I could visit Maddie.
Susan: My youngest is really interested in China so I guess that might be the next stop.

What was the best thing about making this movie for both of you?

John: For me it was meeting everybody, hanging [out], developing nice, brilliant working relationships.
Susan: You got to keep your wardrobe; that was pretty.
John: That was colourful. I kept my shoes, I kept as many shoes as I could cram into a bag. It was very cheap.
Susan: I would have to say the same thing, but also it was just so different from anything I'd ever been asked to do before, so it took a little bit of adjustment. And I felt like I really learnt something new and how to deal with that. It was fun to be in Berlin too.

And the two of you got on great as an old married couple right?

John: Yeah.
Susan: The old part, yeah.

A long-time married couple

Susan: Yeah.

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