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Celeb Getaway: Kim Cattrall

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So what's your favourite vacation spot and why?

Oh my goodness. Well, vacation-wise it would have to be Italy. I love Italy so much; I love the food, I love the music, I love the clothes, I love the culture. I guess it would have to be in Tuscany.

What's your number one travel tip?

Don't forget your passport and don't spend money on luggage, and don't over pack. I've spent so much of my vacation either waiting for my luggage or losing my luggage. Also, pack light and pack things that don't need to be steamed or ironed. That's why jersey is the best thing in the world; jersey dresses, especially for summer.

What's the one thing you never leave home without?

My mirror. It's a very high-powered mirror. I think I'm on x12 now.

What is your best Australian travel experience?

I spent almost a week and a half in Sydney filming a very much talked about, taboo commercial, and I had the best time. The food was fantastic, the beaches were gorgeous and the people were wonderful. I loved the women — very Samantha-like, the women in Australia; very, very. They spoke right out. I liked the men but I loved the women in Australia. Strong, honest and straight-forward.

Did you have a favourite location on the film?

Well, California was really fun because I don't live in California and I just love the whole idea of the "beachiness" of it. So I guess that house, that crazy house that she lived in — wasn't it gorgeous? — and right on the beach. It was less hectic because the movie was winding down. But also the [New York] Public Library because that's such an institution … those two were my favourites.

The movie has so many products and labels and Mercedes cars, are you aware of yourself as a mover of product?

Well, I think that's Hollywood at work. I think the great thing about Sex and the City is that, for me, it's like a guilty pleasure. When we come to the set we have separate costume fittings, and when we come [together], I'm like "What shoes are those? Oh, I love that colour". We haven't seen what each other is wearing, so on screen that's what it's like for the fans. And it just happens to be all of these great brands that make fabulous products. It would be one thing if they were terrible products — then I think it would really be not as much fun. But these [brands] are part of our world, they are part of our society and I think instead of doing it and just not talking about it, we're celebrating it. We're saying this is what it is and this is part of the fun.

What do you think the audience thinks?

I think they're looking for next year's fashion or next year's looks. Women do that anyway, you know. That's out there on covers of magazines, it's on the TV — it's a part of our world.

User comments
I totally agree with what she has to say about travel tips and Sydney women, the ones who can afford it love high fashion and they say what they think. That is why I will see the movie, to look at the fashion and see how the girls are looking.....I know it's airbrushed but we all can dream!
I love this actress she is just like me I llike her sense of humour its the modern 50 so life does not need to stop because u r older it needs to be lived to the fullest I hope one day I meet these girls of sex and the city I have entered all the comps that r on line and in the stores just waiting for my lucky day till then I saw the movie I just was in that time I live half of that life when I am not working but the other half needs money so its better than nothing.U go girl every 50 yr old will follow u soon or later.

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